Kate and Adam

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How We Met

It all started with a text.

Adam and Kate were coworkers at the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation — he was the webmaster, she was the managing editor — and on Valentine’s Day he sent a message asking her out to dinner. Her eloquent reply — “Sure” — is now immortalized in the hall of fame for “smoothest reply ever,” and has become somewhat of an inside joke. You may be pleased to know, however, that she in fact said “Yes” and not “Sure” when he eventually asked a much more significant question.

Turns out, written communication would build much of the foundation for their relationship. A mere three months after they went on their first date to a brewery (neither of them liked beer at the time, but enjoyed learning about the process) and CSU’s 3D print lab (Adam tried to make a puzzle, but it didn’t turn out. It did, however, turn up much later — more in a bit), Adam graduated from Colorado State University and they officially started a three-year long distance relationship.

First, Kate was in Colorado finishing her senior year while Adam was in school at the University of Texas at Austin. Then, Kate moved back to Alaska. They sent thousands of texts, made hundreds of phone and Skype calls and wrote dozens of letters — and, of course went on many trips to visit each other, some of which were very quick weekend jaunts across the country.

Finally, Kate packed up her things into her car and road tripped to pick up Adam at his summer internship in California and they drove the rest of the way to Austin. Finally, they lived in the same city again. Finally, they could see each other more than just once a month. And, finally, Adam asked the question that would keep it that way.

how they asked

Adam is the ultimate king of surprises. From their very first date, he demonstrated his skill at finding unique, unexpected ways to liven up experiences (in that case, it was a trip to that 3D print lab). He surprised Kate at her graduation, and for one of her birthdays in Alaska. So when he told Kate one week that he had a surprise for her, she assumed it would be another fun little adventure to liven up an already exciting weekend (The Last Jedi was opening, you understand).

He picked her up Saturday morning and drove about 15 minutes away. They pulled up to what turned out to be a farm — and were going on a tour. Kate laughed at the red herring Adam had told her about dressing nice, and they walked along learning about the vegetables and, most importantly, farm animals. Specifically, the pigs — Kate’s favorite animal. There was a giant hog that must have weighed hundreds of pounds with his two portly companions, and the most perfect, precious pink piglet. When the tour ended, Adam and Kate went back to look at it, and he tried to pick it up, at which point it started squealing bloody murder. “It’s OK,” Kate told him, “We can just take pictures from here.” Kate was concerned that they would be kicked off the farm for messing with their adorable tenant.

They walked around the corner, where Adam said he had another surprise. He pulled a box out of his bag that he had hand painted with an eclipse and three flags: Alaska’s, Colorado’s and Texas’. Inside were memories, including from their first date — bottle caps that served as tickets to the brewery tour, and the failed 3D printed puzzle Adam fished out of the trash. He pointed out different items, and she marveled at each, then looked up to find him down on one knee.

“Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” (Not “Sure” — “Yes”)

Turns out, it was a good thing they dressed nice, as Adam hired a photographer to capture the moment. And that piglet? He rented it for the day, and they had to wrangle it anyway to return it. Fortunately it calmed down once they held it, and they got to take some pretty cute pictures, too. They capped off the day meeting with friends to celebrate, and then went to see Star Wars.

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