Kate and Aaron

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How We Met

Aaron and I were in the same company during Basic Training in the Army, but never actually talked to each other then. He likes to say he noticed and remembered me because of my hair. Then, on the next leg of our Armed Services journey, we were placed in the same company for our medical training in San Antonio, Texas. I remember the first time he ever talked to me, the first day we were allowed to wear civilian clothes, and he very challengingly said, “I bet you don’t even remember my name.” (Killer line, babe.) I DID remember even though I’m not sure why, and talking to him and hanging out with him felt like I had always known him, like my heart was saying, “oh, there you are, I’ve been missing you” (He will tell you he was feeling the same thing). However, it wasn’t until 3 years later when we reconnected over a spontaneous 4 hour FaceTime with that same chemistry from before that we decided we were going to do this thing for real, he was flying up to see me in Montana and if things were the same we were going to be together. Spoiler alert: it was the same.

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After doing about a half year of long distance (communication is KEY), he made the plunge and moved in with me from Texas to Montana, during a week that was below zero with three feet of snow. Talk about love! Things from then on out have felt so surreal, so meant to be, and just so right. We have always talked about how we thought the whole, “my spouse is my best friend” thing was just a cliché, but we realized it actually CAN be true, and it most certainly is with us. I like to say he’s my person. Aaron comes as a package deal, as he has a 5-year-old daughter named Paige. I am happy to say, I am head over boots in love with that little girl from the day I met her, and she likes to tell me the same. A month after her dad proposed to me, I proposed to her. We feel so complete as a family and we are so grateful to be where we are now in every aspect! Our family includes our animals, which you can see in the engagement session. Our dog Blue, and our cats Rogue, Little Guy, and Echo are all rescues. You could say we have a bit of a bleeding heart syndrome. No home would feel complete without those rascals! Oh, and also, we ended up back in San Antonio, the place we first met.

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how they asked

I asked my friend Harold to accompany Kate and I to The Alamo so he could film my proposal. She tried to cancel going to The Alamo earlier in the day but I insisted that Harold only had this day off work and he had not been before. I had the ring at home, which she knew about, and she checked for it before we left as she was suspicious of my reasoning for continuing the trip. Before we left she told me to wear ‘khakis’ (later it turns out she meant cargo shorts) so we could have a nice picture as a couple in front of the Alamo, and immediately I wondered how the heck she knew my plan. As we got to the car I said I left the laptop in the car and I didn’t want it to overheat so I could take it inside and grab the ring without her noticing. We started the short car ride to The Alamo and I still suspected Kate of knowing my plan. The three of us walked around and toured The Alamo, and we got a great surprise FaceTime with my daughter Paige to really make the day feel special since Paige got to be a part of it.

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As we were walking back to the front for our ‘picture’ I noticed Kate pull out what looked like lipstick (it was tinted lip balm) and again I started to freak out that she totally knew that I was going to propose. This makes me even more nervous which makes zero sense. I gave my phone to Harold to ‘take our picture’ and I try to locate the ring in my pocket as I walk back to Kate. I realized I can’t locate the ring because I put the car keys in the same pocket and everything is a small metal circle… Harold then motions that he is set and he has started recording and I had yet to find the ring! Kate and I posed for our ‘picture’ and as she turned to walk away (because she actually had no idea) I finally located the ring, grabbed her around the waist to get her to stay, and as she turned around I held the ring out, got down on one knee and asked the most amazing woman to be my wife and best friend forever.

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Spoiler alert – She said YES! We are now common law married and are planning a family ceremony in June. Kate wears three rings- the promise ring I gave her when we decided we were going to be together, the engagement ring I proposed with, and a third ring Paige helped pick out that represents Paige and Kate’s special relationship.

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“Kate and Dad met and gave each other two rings. I’m happy that we all got along and that they are married and are so kind to our pets. I love Dad and Kate.” – Paige (Aaron’s daughter)

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