Katarina and Sam

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How We Met

Sam and I took the same French class at Texas A&M University. We sat next to each other the whole semester but never spoke. Texas A&M is one of the largest military colleges in the country, so naturally snagging one of the cadets is a goal of just about all the girls. One day, both of our class partners didn’t show up and we got stuck together. I was actually really nervous. He was always dressed in uniform and incredibly witty; but he ended up making me laugh so hard that I cried! I asked him to study with me for our next exam at the library, and we were there for 6 hours just talking and giggling (no French homework had gotten done). I had such a huge crush on this handsome cadet who I couldn’t go two seconds without laughing around. After less than a month, we knew we wanted to be partners for life. Thank the Lord for absent classmates.

how they asked

We go to Texas A&M and every Friday here before a home game, tens of thousands of students gather in the stadium for a massive pep rally called “Midnight Yell”, where you can bring a date. He’s in the corps of cadets and his unit was on the field that night. My family came to see midnight yell for the first time, and I noticed out of thousands of people, they managed to get front row seats! One by one, his buddies started bringing in my closest friends, who all live far away, as their dates. I was so confused and before I knew it, he was on one knee, asking to be my husband.

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