Katalina and Jordan

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How We Met

In 2018, I was fresh out of the worst semester of my second year of college at Sonoma State. I decided instead of taking a winter class to get credits out of the way, I would visit my aunt and uncle and backpack through New Zealand. I backpacked through the main island and met my fiancé when I was visiting the South Island. He saw the pictures I was taking as I was hiking Dante’s Peak and started asking me about my trip which led to us sharing our interests, which led to us blabbing about our life stories.

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We never physically met in person that trip. He messaged me the day before I was scheduled to leave to go back to school in California. I assumed it would fizzle out as most things do, especially when you are thousands of miles away. But, to my surprise, we never stopped talking. Fast forward a year and a half into our relationship he took his first flight ever (a 12-hour flight) to California to come, see me and the rest is history.

How They Asked

It’s important to note that Jordan asked to move in with me a year into our relationship and I said no. I wanted to graduate college and find a job before he was allowed to move here, which at the time was 2 years away (an eternity in my eyes). I thought at some point he would say “this isn’t worth it”, but he never did. He visited me multiple times a year and visited me in February 2020 and was planning to come, stay with me for 3 months in May, but in March Covid hit. My graduation was canceled and so was his flight to see me. We ended up going 316 days without seeing each other and on December 31st, 2020 he flew to California to see me for three months. On January 9th, we returned to the same spot where we had our first date. He told me how insane it was that we were finally at this point where we could settle down and start our lives together. He told me there is no one he would rather spend forever with and got down on one knee.

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He was so nervous at this point that he shakily held the box open and I politely whispered “well are you going to ask me?” After a laugh, he said, “oh yeah, will you marry me?” To which I said, “of course!”. The best part is when we got into the car he said he had something else for me. Throughout the three years we were dating he was stressed about the ring. I always told him “you could get me a ring pop and I would be the happiest girl”. After he proposed and we were in the car, he pulled a red ring pop out of his pocket and told me he was going to give it to me when he proposed, but he was so nervous he forgot. I knew right then and there that I loved this man unconditionally.

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