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how they asked

Let me just tell you guys.. this man is so sneaky! I had ZERO ideas that this was coming and I’m still blown away.. keep reading to hear how it all happened. On August 19 we packed our bags for an unknown state, went to the airport to ask for the first flight out (bucket list) and got San Diego. I was so excited! So we got to San Diego, got a rental and drove up to Oceanside for breakfast. While I was scoping out hotels Zach was looking for a cool area to hike and get a nice view of the ocean.

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So we finish breakfast and head over to the spot and as he has his arm around me something runs into my leg, it’s a dog and I think who on earth has their crazy dog off the leash and I see it’s MY DOG (who my mom has been watching since nursing school started)!! I turn to look behind me and Vanessa and Wil come walking up the stairs to us with a camera and then I see MY MOM! I turn back around and Zach is on his knee asking me to be his forever.

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Turns out- zach bought those tickets to San Diego 3 months ago and went to the airport early on the 19th to tell them to tell me all the other flights were booked up. Vanessa and Wil got to the spot the day before to scope out the area and my mom had been driving all night to get there on time.

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Southwest also wanted to throw a special surprise to say Congrats to us! There were fun games during the flight, vouchers, streamers, champagne, cupcakes.. an employee serenaded us on the loud speaker and people were out on the tarmac with posters saying congrats! Once we left, Zach said that there were no more surprises but when we showed up to meet a couple friends at Culinary Dropout… the place was filled with family and friends! It was THE BEST day and the best night of celebration!

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Special Thanks

Vanessa Gilliland
 | Photographer
 | Planning