Kat and Nate

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How We Met

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “love at first sight” well, that didn’t exactly happen to us. When we met in middle school, we didn’t like each other very much. Actually, we didn’t like each other at all. Time passed and we met again in high school (he got way cuter and less douchey) and after a whirlwind summer, we decided to make it official. He lived in NY and I in NJ, so we started off as long distance, high school sweethearts. When I went off to college, he secretly moved in with me in my dorm (sorry mom & dad!). It all worked out though since my roommate/best friend was dating his cousin – WINNING! College was crazy and we thought we’d make it crazier by getting not 1, but 2 puppies: Lupe & Ninja (sorry again, mom & dad!). They are seriously 2 of the best dogs on the planet and we are hardcore dog-parents; matching sweaters and everything. There’s no shame in our game! After graduating, we both took jobs in NYC so we decided to move to Brooklyn, where he was from. I went corporate and worked for my company for about a year when I was told that due to a restructuring of the organization, I was let go. It was time for Plan B. We both decided to buy one-way tickets and move across the country to San Diego, CA. We sold everything we had, grabbed the dogs, said goodbye to everything that was familiar and went off on this great adventure!

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how they asked

My fiancee and I have been together for a little over 11 years so we’ve always kinda known that we’d eventually get engaged and get married. Nate always joked that I wouldn’t see the proposal coming and I would just brush it off because he was the worst secret/surprise keeper ever. We moved from New York City to San Diego in the fall of 2014 and had planned on a return trip the next spring for my grandmother’s 80th birthday party. I was super excited to see my entire family come together as it’s been years since we were all under the same roof! Needless to say we were also missing all of our family and friends. I’ve never been a good flyer and always had trouble falling asleep on flights so I was hoping that Nate would be up and keep me company. He was awake, but spent the entire flight reading a book and completely ignoring me. Nate also chose to keep an empty seat between us (in retrospect, he was probably super nervous and didn’t know how to act so of course he acted the weirdest way he could). I recorded my boredom on Snapchat. All 6 hours of it. When we landed at JFK International, Nate mentioned that his cousin and my best friend would be picking us up since his parents couldn’t get out of work early. I thought, “fine, it’s Wednesday, that’s totally understandable.” They met us at the baggage claim area with a ‘Welcome Home’ sign a dozen of our favorite Dunkin Donuts. I was a very happy girl! Nate excused himself to go to the bathroom and I didn’t even bat an eye, I was too busy scarfing down a donut. All of a sudden I hear, “Oh sh*t! I’m sorry, Lupe!” Nate’s best friend just knocked down my dog’s bag and he went rolling across the room. As I’m trying to chase the dog bag, I hear a guitar playing one of my favorite songs and group of high school kids saying, “SHH! SHH! He’s coming through. Let the man come through!” then I see Nate behind the sea of people with guitar in hand. I stood there with my mouth open and a donut in my hand, in complete and total surprise. After the song ended, Nate asked me to to be his wife and spend the rest of our lives together and of course I responded with a hell yes (followed by a lot of ugly-crying)!

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The whole baggage claim area erupted with applause! I whispered in his ear, “is this an April Fool’s joke?!” SERIOUSLY, WHO PROPOSES ON APRIL FOOL’S DAY?! I found out later that everyone knew. Literally, everyone. His parents were waiting for us at home with our favorite food: Friend chicken wings + NY pizza! Nate knew how important it was for me that he asked my dad’s permission and he did (cue more ugly-crying). Our friends and other family knew and he asked to keep it a secret. He did it, he finally surprised me and it was the best possible surprise and I’m marrying my boo thang in November!

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