Kat and Dylan's Frankenstein Proposal

How We Met

Dylan and I met back when we were four years old. Dylan went to the preschool that was on my block. Fast forward to 6th grade. Dylan and I met again in our home and careers class. I have to be honest I did not like Dylan in the beginning. I actually told on him for hitting my desk with his. Shortly after Dylan and I got paired up at the same table for our project. That is when my crush for Dylan began. Dylan and I had a secret friendship that no one knew about. We would talk for hours at night on the phone from 7th grade straight to senior year. We both ended relationships and began to hangout, we figured it was senior year why not give it a try! I played varsity soccer and Dylan was the boys varsity manager (an excuse to spend time with all of his friends). Both teams did everything together which made our attraction to each other grow stronger. Finally on 10/10/08 at a football game at our high school. I began to hear people talking about Dylan wanting to ask me out. I was so nervous my crush from 6th grade was going to ask me out! He took me out to a nice dinner that night and very nervously asked me. I of course said yes… 7 years later we are still very much in love and now happily engaged!

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how they asked

Halloween has always been our favorite holiday. We love being able to work together to make fun and creative homemade costumes. So this year Dylan graduated from college. His family and I wanted to throw him a party. But unfortunately life got in the way, my beloved grandma passed suddenly, and his grandma suffers from dementia and had to be put into a nursing facility. August quickly rolled around and we decided what better way to celebrate, then a surprise graduation party on Halloween. Sounds amazing right? Well it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Dylan is my other half so to keep this from him was killer! Then add on a guest list of over 100, decorations, and a 4 tiered cake it was stressful! We decided on the bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein for our costumes. So Saturday 10/31 was finally here! I was over flowing with excitement, stress and more stress! The morning flew by full of decorating and prepping the room with final touches. Fast forward to 5 pm it was time to get ready. Make up took hours and finally 8pm was here! We left, my heart racing in anticipation for his party. As we were making our way to the party he took a detour and we ended up by the water. I was confused, but thought fine by me it was buying me more time for guests to arrive. Dylan led me out of the car and to the edge of the water. He fumbled in his pocket and pulled out the little box. My heart stopped! Before I knew it he was on one knee saying , “Kat I love you and I want to make you my bride of Frankenstein tonight, will you marry me?” I was shocked my first thought was holy moly a double surprise! I of course said yes with tears rolling down my face! Out of no where his cousin ran over and took pictures! What a night, soon after we were walking into his party as everyone screamed “Surprise!”, all I thought was the surprise is really on them! What an amazing night full of love and lots of laughter! We are now enjoying our engagement and planning our wedding for the year 2017.

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