Kat and Dylan

Image 1 of Kat and Dylan

How We Met

“Is Kat short for ‘Katch?’ Because you look like one.” That cheesy line was the first thing Dylan ever said to me.

Though we met on a dating app, Bumble, it didn’t always seem “meant to bee.”

We can joke about it now, but our first few dates were plagued with awkward moments.

Our first date was at an overly loud coffee shop where we were struggling to hear each other the entire time.

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Our second date was a brunch Dylan planned. Our server was either clueless or really bold, and he began hitting on me at the table. Dylan was a class act through it all, but I’ll never forget his clenched jaws between fake smiles.

Then, I suggested we do a Paint & Wine Class with my friends. However, during the class, the instructor used every free moment to tell Dylan about her daughter, who she wanted to set him up with. Color me annoyed.

Image 3 of Kat and Dylan

We finally caught a break and had a date plucked right out of a rom-com. On a clear night, we had a picnic in Red Rock and finished the evening stargazing while Dylan played songs he made on his guitar.

We’ve been inseparable ever since!

Image 4 of Kat and Dylan

How They Asked

I’ve heard that timing is everything.

The first time Dylan planned to tell me “I love you,” was in 2018 at Disneyland during the holidays. It was the last night of our trip and we were watching the fireworks show. It began to snow all over Main Street, and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” began to play on the speakers. I began to cry uncontrollably.

Image 6 of Kat and Dylan

A few weeks before our Disney trip, my Grandmother, whom I was extremely close with, passed away unexpectedly. She loved Christmas time and they were playing her favorite song.

Though the moment surely looked magical, I realized it would be my first Christmas without her.

Dylan recognized immediately that I didn’t need a romantic gesture at that moment, I just needed him to be there for me.

Since our original summer plans to travel to Switzerland had to be canceled because of Covid-19, I thought the possibility of a proposal on a trip would be postponed too.

Each weekend in August, we decided to take a road trip to a different city. First, we went to Los Angeles, California. Second, Duck Creek, Utah, and on the third weekend, we went to Big Bear Lake, California.

Image 7 of Kat and Dylan

On our last night at Big Bear Lake, we took a sunset stroll by the water. Dylan and I take walks almost daily so I genuinely thought nothing of it.

We were walking along a trail with our friends when I stopped to take a photo of the scenery.

Dylan asked our friend Phil if he could take a photo of us at that spot.

Image 8 of Kat and Dylan

I’m looking at Phil and his entire facial expression was changing before my eyes. It was like he saw Godzilla behind us or something. I look over at Dylan and he is now on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring!

When Dylan proposed, my mind went blank, I was completely surprised. I think I was only able to clearly hear words Dylan said when he got down on one knee: ‘for life’ and ‘Merleyn’ (our dog’s name). I also heard Phil in the background repeatedly saying “Oh sh*t! Oh, sh*t!” He was a great hype man!

It turns out, Dylan had been carrying the ring around since July, on all our trips, and was waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question.

Image 9 of Kat and Dylan

In a beautiful mountain setting, surrounded by our friends, I was at peak happiness. It was an amazing surprise! We got to celebrate our engagement immediately after I said “Yes!”My friends and I decided we will make Big Bear a yearly tradition. My future husband and I can’t wait!

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Image 5 of Kat and Dylan