Kassondra and James

How We Met

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We first met through so friends from college. He was just getting out of the party stage and thinking about settling down. I was ready to finally find someone serious. Our friends thought it would be a good thing for us to meet. We started talking and eventually hung out. I had my doubts because he was a party person and I wasn’t. From night one on we have become basically inseparable from one another. We found out so many things we had in common that it just worked. Although he will always be a lions fan and I a packer fan we make it work somehow.

how they asked

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He had one of my best friends ask me if I wanted to do a photo shoot with her before she left for her new job a million miles away. Of course I jumped on the chance to do so. We go to the park where another friend was waiting(the photographer) and started taking photos. Soon two more of my best friends showed up with my fiancé. He said I knew you were doing a shoot so I figured why not add a few more people. Eventually they were all telling him to take a photo with me, and him being himself said no I hate photos, so as I was told to start walking to do my own photos he ended up following. Once I turned around he was standing there. He asked me if I remembered how much he loved me and if I wanted to see what he meant. Of course a little confused I said yes, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring in the pouring rain. Although not the weather he wanted it was still movie perfect! And of course I said yes. Now we’re planing forever together and I cannot wait <3.

Special Thanks

Esther Tuttle
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