Kassidy and Nick

Marriage Proposal Ideas in My grandparents backyard!

How We Met

Nick and I met in November 2014, when I hit on him (yes… I hit on him!) in a dive bar while out with a group of mutual friends. I had been there for about 20 minutes when I noticed this guy walking towards our side of the bar. You couldn’t miss him. First thing to note, is that he’s 6’6 so he easily stood over everyone in the bar. Second noteworthy point is that he was wearing a button up plaid shirt made of neon colors. So yeah, you REALLY could not miss him. I remember wondering how such an attractive man could own such a thing, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.I won’t let the neon plaid fashion faux-pas derail the story of how we met. Just know that it is a frequent topic of conversation that we both enjoy laughing at to this day.

I waited patiently for the right moment to approach my neon crush and finally it presented itself. Nick was standing at the bar waiting to order a drink when I walked up, tapped him on the shoulder, and introduced myself confidently.

I instantly regretted my decision because he seemed shocked, shy, and skeptical to answer any of the questions that I was asking him. How do you know everyone here? “High school”. Do you still live around here? “Yes”. What do you do? “Proposal Management”. And the conversation proceeded as follows until I said, well, nice to meet you, see you around, and then attempted to find my friend as quickly as possible.

Long story short, the end of the night rolls around and everyone has made their way home except for me, my friend, and her boyfriend who is talking to my new neon crush, Nick. To my surprise the four of us start talking and laughing for the next hour or so before I declare that it’s time for me to make my way home as well. We all made plans to meet at my friends house the next night, and then parted ways. I was pretty sure I would never see my neon crush again.

I was up early the next morning to run in a Thanksgiving race with my family. I told them that I had met my future husband the night before and they all laughed, rolled their eyes, and told me not to be ‘that girl’. I’ll admit that it did sound a little crazy, but when you know, you know!

Later that day, I wrapped up the holidaywith my family and headed to my friends house like we had agreed on the night before. We were all hanging out playing cards when Mr. Neon decided to make an appearance. He ended up asking for my number later on that night and the rest is history!

Proposal Ideas My grandparents backyard!

how they asked

I’m never one to shy away from participating/throwing a party or gathering. I love to entertain, and get all of our friends and family together whenever we get a chance. When Nick decided to go back to school for his MBA, I naturally called dibs on throwing him a graduation party once he graduated from the program.

Two years of his masters program came and went. Before I knew it, I was ordering Graduation party invites, confirming how much food we needed, and counting RSVP’s for his special event. My grandparents also love to entertain and have an insane backyard for hosting parties so they had offered to host the gathering since we needed a space large enough to hold all of his family, my family, and friends. We both come from large families so there was no restaurant in town that was going to fit this rowdy bunch.

Fast forward to the night of his party. I was grabbing a drink at the bar when Nick’s best friend clinked his glass to ask for everyone’s attention because Nick wanted to make an announcement. I had assumed that he would make an announcement to thank everyone for coming so this didn’t surprise me. I took a seat on a nearby bar stool to watch from the crowd. He proceeded to thank everyone for coming, confessed his relief to being done with the master’s program, and then thanked me for keeping him motivated, but most importantly fed, throughout the past two years. Typical.

He then asked me to join him up on the steps he was standing and it wasn’t until I was standing up on the steps with him that I realized what was about to happen. As we stood together up on the steps with all of our friends and family watching on, Nick got down on his knee and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever answered in my life.

Cheering ensued, I cried, Nick tried to put the ring on my wrong hand (lol) and then we both pulled it together enough to kiss, turn and scream “YASS” to everyone that had been watching. It was at that moment that I saw my best friend who lives in Seattle standing in the middle of the crowd, tears of joy in her eyes, and I went from a cute cry to ugly cry instantaneously.

Nick had known all along what he wanted to do and waited two patient years to meticulously plan out the meaning behind every detail. He knew that my grandparents home/backyard was the house where I grew up, the backyard where my parents got married, where I had held countless parties before, and there we were – engaged, surrounded by so much love in my favorite place and with a new favorite memory.

Not only had Nick tricked me into throwing my own engagement party, but he had gone above and beyond to make sure that all of our loved ones were there to support us on the first step to our forever.

Special Thanks