Kassidy and Dakota

Dakota and I met at Midnight Rodeo, or “Hodeo” as it’s more commonly known as. Midnight Rodeo is a bar in Springfield, Missouri that is a place for college students and country enthusiasts to enjoy alcohol, mechanical bull riding, and of course the Thursday night “ass contest” where girls literally take their pants off and shake their booties around the dance floor in hopes of winning some extra cash. Sounds like a place to find love, right?

We caught each other’s eye early on in the night and kept making eye contact. It became sort of a game to see if we would catch the other one looking at us. I had gone to the bar with a group of friends that night, but one friend in particular was tired of watching us make eye contact without saying anything, so she went up to Dakota and told him who I was. The rest is history. We spend the next couple of hours getting to know one another and make fun of the girls on the dance floor without pants on and ended the night with a kiss. He asked for my number and texted me within the hour. You can only guess where that lead…

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Top of The Rock - Ridgedale, MO

Proposal Ideas Top of The Rock - Ridgedale, MO

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