Kassi and Garrick

How We Met

Garrick and I were set up by our mom’s. They had both been getting their hair done at the same salon and his mother was commenting on how her son was having trouble finding a nice girl. My mother told her that her daughter was single, that I worked at the Railyard (local restaurant) and for Garrick to come by and “check me out.” A few weeks my mom told me to look nice because someone was coming down to see me at the Railyard. A few hours into my shift a young man walked through the door and I thought to myself, “Oh my God, please be him.” Spoiler alert: it was. He didn’t say anything to me but the whole time I just had this feeling he had to be the one. A week later one of the hair dresses who was present during the big set up said I had to meet him and trust me he was my type. I made a Facebook, friend requested him, sent him my number and we meet a few hours later at a friend’s brother graduation party. A week later we went on our first date and the rest is history.

how they asked

We went out to dinner with both our families for Garrick’s birthday dinner on July 9th. He had picked out the dress I was wearing months before and was very adamant on me wearing it that night. His mom said to me, “We have a surprise for Garrick in the tent and we need you to get him out there.” Sometime between apps and dinner I feigned sickness and asked Garrick if he’d accompany me outside for a walk. I’m terrible at lying so it was extremely difficult to hide my smile but I was trying my best as to not ruin “his surprise.” As we walked out towards the tent he kept pulling me into the direction of the infinity pool. I kept trying to pull him towards the tent because that’s where “his surprise” was supposed to be. That’s when I noticed all of our family tailing us. Our mothers were hugging and my heart started to race. Garrick told me that the surprise wasn’t for him, it was for me. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Image 1 of Kassi and Garrick

I said yes immediately. It was the most perfect moment and I still smile every time I think about it.

Image 2 of Kassi and Garrick