Kassandra and Nathan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Victoria BC

How They Asked

My Finace Nathan and I had been planning this trip to Vancouver for our 5 year anniversary for a few months. He came up with the idea that we should hire a photographer while we are in Victoria on the night of our anniversary to take some pictures of us. The night comes and we go to Beacon Hill Park where we were meeting our photographer and we start taking just your traditional couple pictures. Near the end of the session she had asked me to turn around and face away from him and that he would face in the opposite direction of me, than on the count of three she would get us to turn around and she would take the picture. Once I turned around he was down on one knee with the ring and asked me to marry him. Needless to say I was shocked and cried like a baby. The photographer knew the entire time, I guess they had been emailing each other months before.

Special Thanks

Tracy Christine