Kassandra and Alejandro

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How We Met

Alex and I met at New Mexico State University, while both being presidents of our Greek organizations. He is a Phi Delta Theta and I am an Alpha Xi Delta. At the beginning of every month a meeting was held for all the presidents to keep each other in the loop of what was going on in our Greek chapters. It wasn’t my first meeting so I wasn’t sure as to how I hadn’t noticed him before but no matter, I did. This meeting was different because we had to do a short film for something called Greek Sing. It’s a performance that all Greek organizations put on during Greek Week. While filming the video, he kept staring at me with his big green eyes and I could feel myself smile back but also look away quickly as if I didn’t realize what he was doing. This went on for about 30 minutes! I swear every time I looked up this guy was staring at me and I couldn’t figure out why.

I started to think I had something on my face but, then why would he be smiling so big? It turns out nothing was on my face, in his words, “I thought you were so beautiful. I hadn’t seen a girl like you and I had to have you.”. After the video finished filming, he came up to me and asked how he and his fraternity could participate in our philanthropy event that we had coming up soon, and I gave him a packet and told him if he had questions to contact our philanthropy chair. My number was on the packet to, and that’s how our little romance began. He would make small excuses to meet me, “Can I turn the money in to you?” and “Tell me more about your philanthropy.” and that turned into “Can I buy you a drink or take you to dinner?”

how they asked

Around August 2016, Alex and I started to plan a trip! I was to either graduate from The University of Texas at El-Paso in December 2016 or May 2017 and he figured this would be a nice graduation gift. We changed our minds from Disneyland for Halloween, to Boston, to Disneyland around Christmas time, we couldn’t decide. We did know that we wanted to end 2016 with a bang, but then Alex got sick and sick days are vacation days and that cut our trip shorter. Alex didn’t want that so he suggested we plan for January so he has up to 10 days off for vacation. Alex and I love the cold, and we love to learn and explore and be as adventurous as possible. Washington D.C came to mind and that’s what we decided. It was our first big trip together to a place further than 6 hours away from home. We arrived on the 5th of January pretty late at night and decided to just grab some dinner because we had a full day of museums and sights on the 6th.

As I write this, I can’t help but think back on all the little tricky things he did that I should’ve noticed! A couple days before we left he asked if I wanted to do a fancy dinner on Friday night so he could make reservations. I said that sounded perfect and he sent me a list of restaurants, we agreed on one. Friday morning, I felt excited because it was our first day in D.C! We had a great day planned, to go to the Air and Space Museum, the Native American Museum and Alex told me there was one sight he wanted to go to before dinner, he didn’t say what it was or showed me, he said he’d tell me later. I thought that was a little strange but I didn’t dwell on it. Being the thoughtful gentleman he is, he made sure that we had to dress and look nice for the day so we wouldn’t have to come all the way back to our air bnb before dinner. As our adventure began at the space museum, I started to feel pretty tired early on. Alex seemed like he was having a blast taking pictures of pretty much everything and that’s all that mattered really, this museum was more for him to enjoy.

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I started to realize about half way through the museum that he was keeping a good distance from me and being quieter than usual, I asked him what was wrong and he would always answer with nothing and that he loves me. At one point I told him he was being weirder than usual and he needed to fess up but he laughed it off. I decided to let it go. When we were done with the museum we walked outside and grabbed a snack, we only had about 45 min for the Native American museum because he wanted to get to this other sight at around 3. While in the Native American museum, we were watching a film and I suddenly got very nervous, almost panicky and I couldn’t explain why. For a split second I thought of us getting engaged and almost died from laughing because there was no way he was going to do that here. We’ve always had a plan about our future and this trip wasn’t part of the plan, so no way was he proposing anytime soon. We got an Uber from the museum to the National Arboretum, this is the sight he had been keeping from me all day and I couldn’t believe it because it is absolutely breathtaking!

On the way there he was showing me pictures and explaining it’s history, how they’re the original pillars from the Capitol building and in the summer time there are beautiful gardens…and then I started to zone out. I thought, it’s so cold outside and nowhere to go indoors and our reservation for dinner isn’t until 5 what are were going to do for 2 hours? If you hadn’t noticed, I sometimes like to drive myself crazy and give myself unnecessary anxiety. This immediately went away when we stepped out of the car. If you can just imagine standing in front of these grand pillars, it was as though we were in another place entirely. Alex and I thought of Greece out loud while walking toward them. There were only two people hanging around which made sense to me because of the cold but, the sight was so isolated it felt comfortable. It felt like Alex and I. We always tell each other “It’s just me and you.”. While walking around, he asked if I was enjoying our trip so far and I said are you serious? We just got here! Of course I was enjoying it, but we still had so much to do!

He then stopped me and asked how I was feeling (he always likes to make sure i’m doing okay) and said he had one more gift for me…that it’s a big responsibility and I thought, oh god what’s he going to give me?! He put his right hand in the coat pocket of my left and began fiddling with my fingers and tearing up. I said “What are you doing?!” He ignored me and proceeded to tell me that he loves me very much and no matter where life takes us he’ll make sure he’s always be there for me, that I have been his biggest motivation in life and pushed him to do things he didn’t think he could or would do and promises to be that and more for me. I was smiling from ear to ear and then became a sobbing mess once he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him.

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After a small sweet moment, he stood up and I pushed him and screamed about how much I COULD NOT believe that this was happening. I think the best surprise (besides the proposal) was that those two people roaming around turned out to be our photographers! I’d always talked about wanting someone to catch the moment, he was obviously listening. My mind was reeling with who knew and who didn’t and how did this even happen. It’s been an amazing 3 and a half years and I can’t wait for the rest of our lives. I feel immensely blessed, humbled and loved.

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Special Thanks

Cassidy Mister
 | She took incredible photos of the proposal and had a surprise shoot after!