Kasie and Jack

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At our home in front of our Christmas tree.

How They Asked

Every year around Christmas time Jack and I go see the Nutcracker. It has become a tradition we both love and look forward to. As I was getting ready for the ballet, I realized that I had left my curling iron at a friends house. So I decided to quickly pick one up at the Sephora around the corner from our apartment. As I was checking out the cashier asked me if I wanted to redeem any of my rewards points so I thought, “ Sure! I’ll get that bright red lip stain by Marc Jacobs!”. I was so excited to not only have a curling iron but now a new red lip stain to wear to the ballet! ( I NEVER wear lipstick- so this was a nice treat!). Once I was all ready to go, I walked out of the bathroom and Jack greeted me with a glass of wine ( to make a quick toast in front of our Christmas tree). I didn’t think anything of it because he is very sentimental and we love a good excuse to cheers! The toast quickly turned into a proposal and before I knew it we were both on our knees crying and kissing. It wasn’t until we wanted to document the moment (via selfie) when we realized that the brand new lip stain I had so carefully put on was now all over Jack and smeared over my whole face. The first 20 minutes of our engagement was of us laughing and scrubbing our faces to try and get the lip stain off. Jack then whisked me to our favorite restaurant on the upper west side ( we live in New York) where he had both of our families waiting to surprise me! My family lives in California and Jack’s lives in STL. So this was the biggest surprise! It was the most perfect proposal. Lip stain and all ;)