Kasey and Thomas

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How We Met

We officially started talking through Tinder. But our love story goes further back than 4/5/2017 we just didn’t know it. My Fiancé and I are 3 years apart and we grew up in the same town a neighborhood away from each other. We went to and graduated from the same high school but we missed each other by a year (I went to a Catholic HS my freshman year). His family own a Dunkin’ Donuts that he now manages. It is the very same Dunkin’ me and my entire family have gone to every day of our coffee drinking lives. I had remembered seeing him before but ‘didn’t think he was my type’. He is and I have always thought he was a handsome man. But never thought anything of it. I may have known he was married (which he was before me) or I may have thought he was “too old” for me. Well low and behold I find myself on a dating app not having any luck with the type of guys I thought I was attracted to. I see this guy who is from my town who works at Dunkin’ who vaguely seems familiar. I originally almost swiped right by him. Just because he was 3 years older than me. I figured let me swipe right and see what he is all about. And I am so happy I did. I have never loved a man the way I love this man. I am so glad I decided to open my eyes and give myself a chance with a man that I deserve. We could have gotten together so many times through the years. The timing wasn’t right until it was. We weren’t the people we needed to be yet for each other.

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How They Asked

It was an ordinary Saturday morning with the kids in December. Or so I rebought. I woke up as I usually do and he was downstairs cooking breakfast as he typically does on the Saturday’s we have the kids. I was a bit earlier than I tend to wake up so he later told me that he wasn’t exactly ready for me. The table was set. I let the dogs out and started the coffee maker and was walking around in my too early to be awake state. My soon to be Step Daughter (9) calls down my soon to be Step Son (12) for breakfast (who both were aware of the amazing thing that was going to happen). My guy hands me an ornament for the Christmas tree and as I unwrap I am reading it with confusion. It says Kasey & Tom engaged 2019. I was baffled given the year was almost over. I turn around to say as such to him and as I do he is down on one knee. He says “Kasey Crahan will you marry Us?”. I was blown away. I was not believing what was happening at the very moment. I said Yes !