Kasey and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met while attending college at UC Irvine in Southern California 6 years ago. We were both in the Greek system, and our respective fraternity and sorority had quite a few social functions together. We crossed paths quite often, but it wasn’t until we had an International Relations class together did we start to get to know each other a bit more. We studied together all spring semester and spent late nights in the library talking about all of the countries we would like to visit someday, learning about each other’s families and childhoods, sharing our goals for our future careers, and well, secretly spilling all the college gossip, of course. We finally decided to make things official when he asked me to be his date to his fraternity’s annual end-of-year trip to Las Vegas!

how they asked

Sean and I were on the most romantic trip all across Italy, celebrating his recent graduation from law school! We had already been to Rome for a couple of days, and then took a train to Florence to stay in the heart of the city. One morning, we woke up and he surprised me with a Vespa tour that was going to lead us all around the Tuscany countryside!

At first, I was nervous to ride on the back of a Vespa with him having never driven one before, but thankfully, the tour included wine tasting at a historical Italian castle beforehand! After enjoying some Tuscany Chianti homemade olive oil, I bravely hopped on and off we went, passing through beautiful vineyards, farms and villages, all with the backdrop of an Italian sunset. (He did a great job driving the Vespa, might I add.) At one point, our tour guide told us to pull over onto the side of a little dirt road so the “company’s promotional photographer” could snap a few shots of the group.

We walked down into a vineyard and the photographer told the two of us to stand to face the sunset, and the next thing I know, Sean turns me towards him and gets down on one knee to ask me to marry him. I was completely surprised, but of course, I said YES!!! (And little did I know, the photographer was there just for the two of us!) The rest of the trip was complete bliss, as we then traveled on to Cinque Terre, Venice and Sorrento, but now as future husband and wife! I can’t wait to marry him and continue on this wonderful adventure together.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tuscany, Italy

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