Kasey and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I first met when we both started working at Wegmans as cashiers on September 11, 2011. From the beginning, there was always something between us. We were always flirting while on the register and everyone said that we should start dating. The first and only time we hung out was at Matt’s junior prom. After that, we just stayed work friends and lost contact when Matt moved stores and I left Wegmans to start my career in nursing.

One night when I was going out to the bar with friends from work I ran into Matt. We started catching up and the rest is history. A few weeks later we started hanging out more and more and became inseparable. We quickly found that we were really meant for each other. We’ve dated for a little over a year, just bought our first house, and got a puppy-Bandit-to complete our little family.

How They Asked

Because of Thanksgiving Matt had to work at 3 am, and I worked my normal 7p-7a shift. We couldn’t leave Bandit alone all night so Matt had the perfect solution- to bring him to his parents’ house. Little did I know that it was part of Matt’s plan to propose. We went to Matts parent’s house to pick up Bandit and that’s where I walked in to find the living room covered in rose petals and a glowing sign that said: “Marry Me”. Matt had Bandit wearing a bandana that said: “Will you marry my daddy” at that point Matt got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And now on September 11, 2020, 9 years after we met, we will be getting married.

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