Kasey and Mario

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How We Met

Mario and I have actually known each other for quite some time. We went to the same high school. He was a grade older then I was. We would always cross paths since he was on the football team and I was on the field hockey team. We also happened to run in the same circle of friends. Though nothing every went about a relationship between us since we both were dating other people at the time. Yet, even after we both graduated high school, we would still see each other from time to time.

how they asked

Mario and I have known each other since we were 14. We went to the same high school but lived our own lives with still being friends. It was not until we were 20 that we decided to give each other a chance and see where our relationship would grow. We were so young when we started, that we hit many bumps in the road. Trying to grow and evolve into an adult with still trying to build a foundation for us together. I would never sit here and say it was easy. We struggled with our long distance in the beginning since I was going to ASU for college and he stayed in our home town. When I graduated, I moved home and again we had to transition into being closer to each other then seeing each other once a Month. 6 years later, we were still going strong. This past year, we decided to take our first cross country trip to New York. We live in California and neither of us have been to New York. Little did I know the plan he had in store. It was our second day in New York, and it was towards the end of the day, he decided we should go see them Empire State Building at night and experience the city lights of New York. We got to the top, took some solo pictures of each other. It was beautiful, it looked just like it had it movies. He kindly asked a couple to take a picture of us together. But secretly, he requested they record the proposal. As soon as we got into place for our picture. He bent down and proposed. It could not have been more a dream. I was so excited in that very moment, there was no denying that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. To this day, we hold our first trip to New York as the most magical vacation we could have ever had. The weather was perfect and the memories we made will last forever and dear to our hearts.

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