Kasey and Kory


How We Met

Kory and I met on an unanticipated trip to Williams, Arizona where we were attending a YoungLife Camp at Lost Canyon. With a bit of courage and a confident personality I made sure to introduce myself. A long talk over coffee and a fire to keep us warm allowed for good conversation and a spark of interest in our hearts! Kory says, “He knew from first conversation that I was going to be the one!” We quickly began dating and ended up doing long distance for over 3 years! That’s true perseverance! A long drive and a flight wouldn’t keep us apart. It’s the perfect love story of a mountain boy that fell in love with a valley girl. He will forever be my camp crush and I love him more and more everyday!


how they asked

Kory happens to be the most romantic and creative person I have ever met! That being said, the proposal was absolutely perfect. It started with a mischievous work on his end getting me to believe I would be going with a group of girlfriend’s to The Modern Manor in the heart of the city for a fun filled wine night!


Upon arrival, I was handed an ipad from a friend that insisted I had to watch this video! Little did I know it was a Kory on the screen explaining to me what would be taking place over the next few minutes.



I followed a path that guided me to different station with paintings and a video that went through the story of us. It was so beautiful! When I got to the end, Kory walked out and got down on his knee!


He asked and I of course said yes! Afterwards, he had one last surprise and it was that all my closest family and friends were in a room nearby to celebrate! Thankfully there was a private photographer who captured the whole thing! We put the proposal into a video that you can see by clicking on the link! It’s a must watch!





Our Video

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Special Thanks

Hannah Gray
Modern Manor