Kasey and Hunter

How We Met:  Hunter and I met his senior year of high school. Hunter was on drum line and I was on the flag team in marching band so we saw a lot of each other on a daily basis, but never talked until one day one of our own band members got hurt at a summer party so I jumped in his truck and on the way to the hospital we finally introduced ourselves.

After that day we began talking every now and then; nothing special. A few months later we really began talking on a daily basis and we became best friends. Hunter would ask me many times if I was still at school after we were dismissed, but me not wanting a boyfriend, I always said no (even though I was hanging out in the band room; haha). Hunter continuously asked me if I wanted to hang out, but as always I turned him down until one day I finally let him come pick me up for a band performance.

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On the night of his senior rally, he texted me and said he was bored so he wanted to go on a date so this time I called my mom who was out on a date with my dad; furthermore, I told her that I did not want to go and I did not want a boyfriend, but what do you know I ended up going out with Hunter to get ice cream. We ended up having a great time just talking.

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After that day sparks flew and on July 4, 2012, Hunter wrote in the sand on the beach “You’re wanted” and asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked: Before, we get into the how they asked, you must first know the meaning behind how they asked. Back in May 2014, I had been working in a business office, but had always wanted to work with animals because my dream is to become a veterinarian so Hunter told me that our college posted a job listing for the  Gulf Coast Exploreum to work with four South African Black-footed Penguins.

So, I began calling the guy that was in charge and landed a job interview. I was called for a second job interview, and then I was called to say I had the job. Penguins are so much fun to work with, and  I had the time of my life.

On May 20,2015, Hunter took me to the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park in Florida to see my penguin babies at their permanent home. I was incredibly happy that he was taking me and even more ecstatic when he informed me we were also going to have a  penguin encounter. After feeding the penguins, the trainers asked me if I would like to pick a penguin to have a special meet and greet.

Of course I said yes.  I picked Tux, a 28 year old penguin.  The trainers let us hold him on the beach. After taking a few pictures, Hunter got up and dug in his pocket, but me, too focused on Tux, did not realize what was happening until a small box opened that held the most beautiful ring. Hunter told me, ” Nothing makes me happier then seeing you with these penguins.


I am so in love with you. Baby, Will you marry me?” Of course I said yes because Hunter Ballard is the man of my dreams. I had the perfect proposal, and I cannot wait to marry my one and only.


Photos by: Harrison’s Lens Photography