Kasey and Brent

Image 1 of Kasey and Brent

How We Met

We met through friends after we both graduated high school. Social media lead us to each other to connect.. After four dates he asked me to be his girlfriend we were on the beach just sitting in the sun. After four months of dating he gave me a promise ring for Christmas and then I knew he was the one. After 2 years and 4 months he popped the question!!

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how they asked

We were going to lowes to pick up a last minute dirty Santa gift for his family Christmas party, which was just an hour away… Most of his family are men who love tools and equipment to build with. Reason why we went to lowes. Before we walked in he opened my door and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I obviously said yes. Lowes Proposal may seem very lame but if you knew our relationship and Brent you’d think it was very cute. I was also kind of surprised because I never would have guessed that he would propose to me in lowes parking lot.. Once he proposed we went to his family Christmas party and everyone was so excited for us. Pictures were taken and we were congratulated. Let’s just say that these past two and half years have been wonderful. Christmas Eve Proposal in Lowes parking lot. “Never stop improving” lol

Image 4 of Kasey and Brent