Kasey and Brandon

How We Met: We were long distance for a year. We met at a work conference in Dallas in a room filled with over 3,000 people. It was meant to be. We talked for hours, went on our first date the next weekend in Atlanta and never missed a weekend after until Brandon moved to Charlotte to be closer. He walked away from a 6 figure job to start over with me in Charlotte.

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how they asked: A lady named Kaleta who does Vegas proposals for a living helped him coordinate. He booked me a hair and makeup appointment  and then came and got me when I was finished. When we got up to our suite he opened the door for me and there were 150 rose petals and 75 candles and 10 pictures of us throughout our relationship. He had a professional guitarist learn our song “All This Time” and perform it to me while we danced and then he proposed…it was so romantic.

Photography by Amber Hatley
Makeup by Champa