Kasey and Adam

Image 5 of Kasey and Adam

KASEY’S VERSION: Adam planned the sweetest proposal at our favorite restaurant Sushi Bar LA. It was our dining treat during Covid, and we still go there for special occasions. It’s a very small sushi bar where you interact with the chefs and the other guests dining there. It was my birthday, so I figured that was why we were going. Plus Adam was acting super calm, and not at all neurotic that day, so I didn’t expect anything. Halfway through the dinner the chef stops the dinner, wishes me happy birthday, and then pulled out one of the large spiral-bound papers Adam creates his art. Right then I knew I was about to be proposed to. It was perfect.

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Image 3 of Kasey and Adam

ADAM’S VERSION: The proposal took place at Sushi Bar LA on Sept 19, 2021. During Covid, it became our favorite little getaway restaurant, very small and intimate. We went to celebrate her birthday but a month prior I had already started planning the proposal with the restaurant. In the spirit of my artwork, I created a love letter that the chef presented to Kasey halfway through meal service that asked her “Will you marry me?” With boxes for 3 options: Yes, no, and maybe.

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 | Adam planned the proposal with their favorite Sushi Restaurant a month in advance. Everyone at the restaurant was in on it!