Karyna and Nicolas

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hudson Valley

How We Met

Nicolas and I met at my best friend’s birthday party in August 2016. We didn’t speak much but I noticed how handsome and tall he was. He started break-dancing in the middle of the dance floor and that really impressed me! However, we didn’t exchange numbers and start texting/talking until a few weeks later when we saw each other again during Labor Day Weekend at Seaside Heights, NJ. During this time we got to know each other more and realized that we have a lot in common. We share same interests such as: dancing (he break dances and I ballroom dance), working out, we are both big sports fanatics and we enjoy volunteering/charity events. After a few more weeks, we couldn’t deny our compatibility and chemistry and started officially dating in late October.

Karyna's Proposal in Hudson Valley

how they asked

It was Nicolas’ birthday weekend and we took a drive to our preferred scenic place, The Hudson Valley, to look at the amazing fall foliage. I’ve always been interested in old castles and museums to admire the architecture and history, so we decided to stop at one of my favorite romantic and historic locales: Castle on the Hudson, which overlooks the Hudson River. While we were taking pictures and looking at the gorgeous scenery and sunset, Nicolas surprised me by getting down on one knee, he told me how he would be the happiest man in the world if I would give him the greatest birthday present of all- to marry him!