Karyn and Bryan

How We Met

Bryan and I met unconventionally. After a night out with my best friend, I had seen Bryan across the street riding his low rider bike. I was immediately smitten, good looks with bad boy appeal. I ran across the street to give him my name, number and to follow me on Facebook. After a month of casual talks, he finally asked me out on a real date.

how they asked

I can remember every single detail of the day and the days leading up to our engagement. We set off to Catalina for our annual mini vacation; we fell in love with the island the year before spending three beautiful days basking in the sun while enjoying some much needed time together. This time around didn’t feel any different, I can usually sense a surprise looming but what was to happen next completely threw me off guard. A couple days before our trip, my friend Hannah kept insisting that I would come back an engaged woman, I brushed it off because I didn’t believe that it would happen and I had warned Bryan that he had to ask my dad for my hand in marriage. June 9, 2014, we arrived at Redondo Beach to drop off Kodiak, our Pomeranian fur baby, to stay with his grandpa for a couple of days. We were a little early from when our boat was to depart so Bryan’s dad took us out for some lunch, my vacation started as soon as I sipped my first drops of whiskey. We were so excited we definitely needed this vacation and we were so excited for it to start. As soon as we got onto the Catalina Express we sat on the top deck and Bryan proceeded to order some champagne, we arrived to the island a little tipsy but just so excited to start our vacation! We stayed at the Hotel Catalina the year before and loved it, Bryan was smart to book the same hotel and room! All we wanted to do was sleep but we knew that there was a ton of things we had to do. We put on our bathing suits and rushed to the beach, I brought a floatie to lounge about while everyone else swam around me. It was a perfect afternoon, I watched Bryan leap off of the floating dock and canon ball into the ocean making all the nearby kids laugh at his silliness. I thought to myself I am going to marry this man one day. The next morning was a bit gloomier then it had been in a while, we woke up to have breakfast at our favorite place, Original Jack’s Country Kitchen, we walked through the city back to our hotel room after filling our bellies. Bryan proceeded to walk to the beachside on his own, I stood there watching him from a distance as I saw him looking out into the ocean and thinking. I prompted him to come back to me and we proceeded to make our way back to our hotel room to prepare for another day of swimming and fun. Again we were exhausted from our beach adventures, Bryan insisted that I get ready because he was going to rent a golf cart to drive around the rest of the island. Last time we were here we didn’t have enough time to explore so I became excited and quickened my pace in applying my makeup. We were going to dinner right after so I dressed pretty casual, in a mini skirt, heels and an oversized cardigan. I should have known Bryan had something up his sleeve, he was wearing khaki pants and a short sleeve button up, I remember asking him why he was dressed like that and he stated that he wanted to look like a local. Within 15 minutes Bryan was back with our golf cart, I hadn’t realized how scary it was to be inside one, there were no doors or anything else besides a flimsy seat belt to keep you in. I put a brave face on as we made our way through the town, making a stop at lovers point and awing at the wonderment of the island once again. I saw in the distance that we were approaching a mountain and I panicked, I began to cry begging Bryan to take us down. It felt so steep on the way up and I couldn’t help but fear for our lives. To take my mind off of it all Bryan asked me to play some music and take pictures at our scenery. I obliged as best as I could, putting my phone in the air hoping to take some good pictures while holding onto him. We reached a point of the mountain where you could see all of Avalon, I was in awe at its beauty but refused to get out of the cart because fear had overcome me. Bryan asked if I trusted him and I said yes of course, we made our way down the mountain side and I started to regain my composure. We stop at a dirt hill in front of 3 teenage boys, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. I paid no attention to the boys until I heard one scream, “Oh my god, look at what he’s doing,” I thought, “wait what is he doing,” I look down and I see Bryan on bended knee, I say out loud, “What is that,” he stops me and asks me to marry him. I black out just a bit just shocked at what was happening, I cried again only this time tears of joy, how he pulled this all off without me knowing was still as shock to me, asking my dad for permission was the best part of it all. I love this man and I cannot wait until we are officially married, forever and ever.

Image 1 of Karyn and Bryan