Kartikeya and Shruti

how we met

We first met at a music festival in Goa, India. Turns out Shruti’s childhood best friend went to high school with me. When we talked, we realized that we were going to be in the same grad school program back in Pittsburgh. We both were interested in each other but didn’t get a chance to explore the relationship during school. Things didn’t take-off till we finished grad school, moved to opposite coasts and started talking. It started with weekend getaways and we dated long distance for almost three years until Shruti moved to Seattle.

how they asked

There were two proposals! Shruti proposed to me in Taiwan before I had a chance to pop the question. But I wasn’t giving up that easily and still wanted to surprise her. Shruti is almost impossible to surprise so I roped Suzy in to help me. We were celebrating 6 years of being together by spending the weekend in Monument Valley. Both of us like photography, so I _tried_ to convince her that we’re going on a sunrise photography workshop with Suzy. I spoke to Suzy multiple times to plan where we’d meet, how our stories of a workshop would line up, the perfect spot to propose and most importantly how I’d signal to her that I was going to ask! There was also some confusion around timezones that I had to check with Suzy about multiple times because I was worried we’d miss sunrise.When we met that morning at 5.30 AM, it was freezing cold and Shruti said – “How much did we pay for this workshop? Can we just go back and sleep?” I knew I’d have to ask quickly, we meandered off-trail for a few minutes and I gave Suzy the thumbs up and got on one knee. Shruti burst out laughing and said yes. She said she knew something was up because our “guide” looked like she might be cold and that I was wearing a much nicer shirt than I needed to for a 5.30AM workshop. Was it a surprise – maybe!

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