Karson and Corey's Proposal in Fort Worth

Image 1 of Karson and Corey's Proposal in Fort WorthHow We Met: Corey and I actually met (and dated) 6 years ago when we were sophomores in high school. I go to church with his brother and sister-in-law and we were getting ready for our summer VBS at church and they were telling me ALL about his younger brother that was my age and how I should date him. So, one night during VBS they brought him to help and we immediately hit it off. So well, in fact, that we all went out for Snow Cones after the night was over. From then on we did things together whenever we could. He would come to my church events, I would go to his football games, and his brother’s baseball games. We would talk on the phone for hours and hours (he was on the house phone because he didn’t have a cell phone yet, and sometimes we would talk for so long that he would have to switch phones because the battery would die). This all went on for about 3-4 months and due to life circumstances I decided that I didn’t want to date in high school so we stopped talking. However, we always kept up with each other on Facebook and would get in contact when big things happened (like the time that I rear ended his brother and his family). He ended up getting into a long relationship and I carried on with my life. In 2013, his mom passed away and one of his best friends and I wanted to do whatever we could to support him so we attended the funeral and we talked for the first time in person in years. From then on, we kept in light contact as friends. A few months after that I started dating another guy and he and his girlfriend broke up. His brother and sister-in-law came up to me at a church event and explained to me that they needed another female soccer player for their family soccer team and asked if I would join. After they made sure it was okay with him, I joined their team and we spent the next 9 Saturdays together playing soccer and then having F,F,&F (Family, Food, and Fun) with his family. One night, during the game I fell and hit my head and he was so worried that I had a concussion and he drove me home. That was when things really changed for us. We started dating shortly after that.

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how they asked: On December 26, 2014 my best friend (Maddie) and I woke up (she had spent the night) and we were both antsy sitting around the house and wanted to go out. We decided to go get our eyebrows threaded so we got ready and headed out the door. As soon as I stepped outside, she pulled back my welcome mat and revealed an envelope with Corey’s handwriting. She started tearing up and I started to get excited. I immediately knew what was happening. I opened it to find this note:

“It’s time for a journey. You better begin, you’ll have to solve riddles…just jump right in. You’ll travel with Maddie, you won’t be alone…take pics at each stop with your iPhone. Have fun, but don’t dawdle on the trip you will travel. There’s no time to waste there’s a trip to unravel.”

We went down to my car and there was another note and a $100 bill. This note told me to go with Maddie and go pick out the perfect outfit and then go have lunch wherever we want. Of course, we went and got our eyebrows done first because now that was even more important. We went to the store and spent quite a bit of time finding the right outfit and then we had lunch at Houlihans, one of my favorites. During lunch, neither one of us ate very much and we were both very anxious. Finally, we paid our check and got in the car where she pulled out another clue.

This clue led me to Whataburger, where we had our first “date”. When we got there, my two younger brothers were waiting for me with another clue. Throughout the day at each stop, I took a pic of my clue, a pic with the people I found at each stop, and posted them to Facebook so all of our friends were following along.

The second clue led me to our church where I had to look around a bit before I found his dad, brother, and sister-in-law (his other brother and sister). We talked with them a bit before I went on to the next stop.

The third clue led me to my grandparents’ second house (where we watched a movie in the truck for one of our dates). There, I found my grandparents who gave me yet another clue.

At this point, Maddie and I decided we needed to take a break for Starbucks.

The fourth clue led me to the Stockyards in Fort Worth where we had just recently taken pictures. In the Stockyards, I met up with my mom and step-dad. We apparently were a little ahead of the game, so my mom stalled us by doing a “best friend photo shoot” around the area. Finally, we got to move on (at this point I just wanted to skip to the end!).

The fifth clue led me to the drive-in, where we have gone on numerous dates. When I got there, my dad was waiting and in order to get a clue from him, I had to dance with him. He played the “FRIENDS” theme song (we used to dance to it in the living room when I was little girl as the show came on) and halfway through my brothers jumped out from behind the car and danced with us. Then, my dad gave my a baggy with my final clue and they left us there.

Image 2 of Karson and Corey's Proposal in Fort WorthIt was REALLY windy, so I had to huddle inside my car and put together this RIDICULOUSLY hard puzzle to get my
last clue. I quickly figured out where I was supposed to go, but Maddie said I had to put the whole page together before I could go. I still finished a little too early so we sat in the car and she gave me a Wedding Binder she had already put together (just like hers that we had made a few months before) and a sweet note that actually made me cry-which is a feat if you know me.

FINALLY, we got in the car and drove to Sundance Square and parked the car and we walked to the square. Close to the tree, I immediately spotted Corey coming towards me. He hugged me and grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to the tree. I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing and looked around and saw my brother sitting on a wall across the square and then saw my dad hiding behind a light pole. Corey pulled me closer so that I would focus and begin telling me how much he loves me and all that “proposal stuff”. Then, he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked me to marry him! I said “yes” and then he stepped back and screamed (unusual for him, so it definitely surprised me) “SHE SAID YES” and the whole square clapped and yelled. Then both of our immediate families came up and congratulated us and we smiled and took pictures.

Then, we all went to The Mellow Mushroom (one of my favorites) for dinner to celebrate. He really planned the perfect day and I couldn’t have imagined anything better. It was so fun, and I had so many Facebook friends texting, posting, etc. how fun it was to follow along.

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