Karrie and Eric


how we met

Eric and I met back in the summer of 2007, at a local steakhouse in Birmingham, Alabama. Eric was a server and I was a hostess at the time. While we didn’t date until a couple years later, I always knew he was someone special. When we started dating, we hit it off immediately. Fairly early on, I knew this guy was someone with whom I could see myself spending the rest of my life. We continued dating as we grew in the company. I was also finishing my degree online at The University of Alabama. Somewhere between work and school we had fallen in love and knew we wanted to marry each other. Now nine years later, here we are, about to get married!!

how they asked

Eric and I have been talking about marriage for the past 2 years and I knew a proposal was coming, but I had no idea just how soon I would be engaged.

When marriage was first brought up, I told him I wanted to graduate from college first. I always thought the proposal would be around my graduation, August 2015. Eric had asked me to request off several specific dates from work. I thought maybe during one of these dates, he would ask for my hand in marriage, however Eric was very consistent with throwing me curveballs.

Finally, Monday, May 4th arrives. I asked Eric early that morning what we would be doing. He stated, “I figured we would clean the house. It’s a wreck.” If only I could describe the look I gave him. He immediately started laughing and said, “I want to take you out for a nice dinner and then do something fun after.” For anyone who knows us, we are ALWAYS working and May is one of our busiest months of the year, so I went with it. Four o’clock finally came around. He told me we had to be somewhere at 7:30pm and that we were going to eat an early dinner at a nice restaurant. I got all dressed up and as we were walking out the door he told me to grab some flats. On the drive there he told me about this new thing in Birmingham called “Locked In.”

It’s where you are locked in a building and you have to find your way out. Eric told me he thought it would be a good exercise for us as a couple. I’m pretty sure I looked at him like he had four eyes. We ended up parking and walking to El Barrio, one of our favorite restaurants downtown. Unfortunately, what Eric didn’t realize was that they were closed on Mondays. Eric then asked me where I wanted to eat and off to Jinsei we went. When we sat down, he layed two cards on the table and told me at 7:10pm I could pick one of the cards and open it. One card said “good” and the other said “bad”. I’m still confused a little on what “good” and “bad” meant because they were both AMAZING, but once again, I think he was trying to throw me a curveball. At 7:10pm Eric starts going into a speech about how he hadn’t been places where he told me he had been and how he wasn’t actually at work on Friday. Then he finally let me choose a card. I chose the “bad” (which he predicted) and inside were 5 pictures of a 2-week-old female boxer, Murray. Each picture was her another week older. The last picture was Murray and Chopper (our other dog) playing together in our back yard. At this point I am crying because I knew he had her close. He then told me we were going to see her and that she had been staying at one of my best friends, Anna Frances’ house all weekend. He called Anna Frances and told her we were on the way. I listened to the conversation and I heard something to the extent that she wasn’t home just yet and to give her about 30 minutes. Eric hangs up and said we had a couple minutes so he took me to go look at the sunset at The Club. This was nothing out of the usual. Eric and I always went to The Club throughout our relationship whenever we went on a nice date. When we get up there we took a sunset selfie like always. He handed me the other card labeled “Good” and said, “I decided to bring the puppy up here.” I freaked and we started briskly walking towards the kennel. As we were walking towards Murray, Eric said, “Open the card.” So I skim over the card. Eric realized I didn’t read all of it. He got my attention again (ADD gets the best of me) and said, “Did you read it?” The last line read, “I have a question to ask you.” I didn’t really understand but we had made our way to the puppy. At that point, all I knew was that I was getting was a puppy.


I didn’t even realize, until Eric got her out of the kennel that she had a ring around her little pink spiked collar. On the collar her name read “Murray.” Eric knew that when we eventually got a puppy that was what I wanted to name her. I immediately burst into tears when I realized what was happening. Eric got down on one knee and proposed. And of course I said, “Yes.”

I had always told Eric that when he asked my Dad for my hand in marriage that I didn’t want anybody to tell my Mom. I wanted to be the one to tell her. So, I called her immediately after the proposal. At first she thought something was wrong because I got so choked up but then she soon realized they were happy tears. While telling my mom about the proposal she kept repeating everything I said so my Dad could hear (like he didn’t know). My mom was ecstatic for the both of us!

After the engagement, Eric had set-up a small get together with friends and family back at our house to celebrate. It truly was a perfect evening and he definitely had me stumped the entire time!