Karra and Mike

How We Met

I met the man of my dreams when I was in the fourth grade. Although, I didn’t realize it until many years later, the day we reconnected I had an overwhelming feeling that he was “the one.” You know the old saying “when you know, you just know?” Yes, well I thought everyone was crazy until I saw Mike again. We got reconnected through Facebook. I was a 24 year old single mom by this time who was busy juggling jobs and motherhood while he was a single guy working in retail. Right from the start everything was so natural, so comfortable. He kept encouraging me through every obstacle even when I felt like giving up and made me laugh all the time. With everything I had gone through before him it was like a breath of fresh air, a true blessing. From day one, Mike has always been so loving to my daughter and always included her. He treats her as if she is his own which is a huge factor! Not only do I adore him but she does too! Fast forward to almost 4 years later, Mike is still so goofy and one of my biggest supporters in everything I do.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On the Orlando Eye

how they asked

Mike had planned a weekend trip for us to an Orlando car show that Sunday. We decided to take advantage and went for the entire weekend. It was Mike, his brother Matt, his best friend Seth (who also happened to be in our Fourth grade class) and his girlfriend, myself and my daughter who were spending the weekend in Orlando. It was a beautiful Saturday, the weather was phenomenal, we spent the day at Sea World enjoying every minute of it. Later that night we arrived at the Orlando Eye right around sun set.

After getting our champagne, we set foot into our own private pod and began our 400 ft journey into the sky with the horizon behind us. As Michael Buble played in the background, Mike pulled me close and began talking about how much he loved and appreciated me and took to one knee asking me to marry him with a beautiful diamond ring set in between sapphires!

Karra's Proposal in On the Orlando Eye

It was the best moment in my life up until this point… the next thing I know he gets my daughter and tells her he needs to ask her a question.

Still on one knee, he pulls out another ring just her size with a diamond heart on it and asks her if she would like to be his step daughter and be a family together! That right there was the most precious moment! I am so thankful to have this man as my fiancé! Words can not express the love and happiness I feel in this moment!