Karolyn and Mathew

how we met

We met online, when I had messaged him first.

how they asked

The proposal was actually on my birthday which was also Easter this year conveniently. A package had arrived the day before and he said it was my present. I kept asking all that evening if I could have my present. He kept refusing and telling me no it’d be better to have it the next day. I wake up the next morning “can I have my present now?!?” To his response” No I’d rather give it to you when we’re dressed” I was so not okay with this. I ran to the shower so we could start getting ready to go spend Easter with his family then mine after. So I showered then I went to go to the garage to get a sweater from the dryer after getting dressed and what not and I had come back inside turned the corner into the living room and there he was on one knee ring in hand with my beloved dog(Rosie) next to him!! I’ll be honest I said ” I went to get a fucking sweater” and then he asked and I hugged him and said yes of course. Later that evening he tells me ” I know you hate having a lot of attention and I knew I wanted Rosie to be apart of it since we know she probably won’t make it to the wedding day”. You see Rosie has been my best friend for 9 years, since I was 15, he knows how much she means to me and knowing he wanted her there for at least 1 major part is so thoughtful in my eyes.

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