Karolina and Zack

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How We Met

We both agree that we met in the most millennial way: on a dating app. It all happened by chance that we somehow were within the same 100 miles and both swiped right. I opened the conversation with “What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?” and the rest was history. The first date was December 16, 2018, and it lasted for hours. Zack drove to Waco for the day. We ate breakfast at Cafe Cap, walked around Baylor, roller skated, and ended the day with ice cream. The next day, Zack left for California for a month. Although we did not see each other until early January 2019, there were tons of long FaceTime dates. Once we were both back in the same state, a lot of driving from Denton (Zack’s college town) to Waco and Waco and Denton occurred. The original plan was to continue this for the next year even after I graduated from Baylor, but plans changed. After jobs determined it was either going to be impossible to support a long-distance relationship or I would have to move, it was decided that the relationship was getting serious and we were both moving to Dallas. Dallas was the best move! Zack already had his tech consulting job and I started with a part-time job as a group fitness trainer. While working on masters online and randomly was contacting about a tech consulting job that started February 2020. Things have been great in Dallas and we’ve decided that we’re going to be here for a while. Engagement and wedding talks occurred all throughout this time and it was decided that 2020 was the year.

How They Asked

A little back story on the proposal: we had wanted to do a small wedding in June 2020 and so we started planning in January 2020. Zack was saving for the ring so we waited until March to order it. I very type A so I picked out every detail and knew when it was coming in. Before COVID, Zack had plans to pick it up and surprise me on what day he was going to propose. Due to COVID, the ring now had to be shipped to the apartment that we both share. Thus, I would know exactly when it came in. Fast forward to May 3, Zack told me that I would need to dress up sometime this week and he even picked out an outfit for me to wear. On May 6, we decided to make a day for ourselves and he told me today was the day I got to dress up. We woke up early and drank coffee on our balcony. Then we worked out together and started to work from home. I watched him look at the window all day waiting for the FedEx truck.

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While the ring was supposed to be delivered before 3 pm, it was not and so we waited. It was then 5 pm, I was in the living room and he was in the bedroom and I heard him say “well I guess I’m just going to have to cancel the plans for today.” Not even 2 minutes later, we watched a FedEx truck stopped in front of our apartment and deliver us a package. Zack immediately takes the package, runs into the bedroom, and calls his friend to say that plans were back on. That’s when he told me I had 2 hours to get dressed up and do my hair and makeup. While I was getting ready, he ran off to do whatever he had to do last minute. When he came back, he told me this is where the surprises start and that I would be picked up at 7:30. He wouldn’t tell me who but he left and I was surprised by my guy’s best friend from college. He then drove me to Zack and I’s a spot at White Rock Lake. I walked towards our dock where I ran into Zack’s bestfriend who was goProing everything. I walked all the way down the dock where Zack was waiting for me with some of our friends. He read a sweet note that he had written to me and then asked me to marry him! Even though he planned everything in 2 hours, it was perfect!

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