Karolina and Zachary

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How We Met

I met my soon to be husband Zachary at McDonald’s! Crazy right? It was around midnight my girl friend and I decided to go get some late night munchies. My friend’s boyfriend at the time was a close friends of Zachary’s so we all met up at McDonald’s I did not know who he even was or even knew that he was going to be there. As soon as I saw him I just knew something about this guy seems so exciting. My girlfriend and her boyfriend pretty much left us alone since they were all into their own conversation. We then started chatting the whole night and just clicked ever since then.

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how they asked

It was my birthday weekend we had planned to go to Seattle, WA. for my 21st to celebrate. Seattle is one the cities we just love so much it is our dream to move there when we get the chance. Anyways, on my birthday morning I thought it would be a regular birthday celebration. We walked around the town got my first legal beer while waiting to go up the Space Needle. It was finally time to go up and wait in line to catch our elevator. I was terrified to even go up there but I knew how much Zachary wanted to go up there. Just my luck we were the next people in line to up this thing. Of course, the elevator tops working! Keep in mind we already wait an hour in line. I was kind of relaxed knowing it was not working and we could just leave and call it a day. Zachary did not like that idea he was willing to wait an hour more just to get on! I still was so clueless why he desperately wanted to go up this thing. We finally got up there truthfully did not look out those glass elevator doors just stared at my feet the whole way up. We finally got to the roof top walked outside the space needle and admired the view. It was just working out so perfectly the sun came out (it was raining all day). Zachary wanted to find someone to take our picture but he was being very picky on who. Once again I missed this sign on why he was being so demanding for a great photographer. He finally found a guy to take our photo we took one then Zachary asked for another. AND there it was him on one knee asking me to marry me. Somehow at that moment my fear of heights and everything around me just stopped. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and tears! My birthday did not even matter I was just to excited! Thankfully the guy who took this picture took plenty he was not even aware this was going to happen. After this excitement we got some champagne on the house at the bar in the roof top. It was the best birthday ever!

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