Karolina and Andrey

How We Met

Andrey and I met when we were in college. I had a very close group of friends that I played volleyball with during open gym hours at my college. I remember noticing him the first time he came to open gym to play volleyball. I thought to myself, he was cute, with those blue eyes, and that bleach blonde hair. I remember us exchanging hello’s, he was very shy, but that smile was to die for. The brightest, most attractive smile ever! He started to come often and soon was making new friends. Before long, he was part of the gang. Eventually, he asked for my snapchat, and then my number. We snap chatted as friends for a while. I remember liking him off and on. As time went by, I remember liking other people, but somehow my mind always came drifting back to him. We lost touch as I completed college, and we went our separate ways. About a year down the road, all our friends were out of college, and we decided to start renting out a gym of our own, to bring back the tradition. We started gathering on Friday nights to play volleyball. I remember thinking that very first Friday before coming to the gym, I wonder if he’ll be there. I sure was right! He was there almost every single Friday. We began talking again, but this time it was different. We spent a lot of time texting and flirting. Soon, we were talking every day, coming to the realization that this was more than just two friends catching up. As far as the rest of the story, well.. that’s now history.

How They Asked

I had been talking with a close friend about planning a few fun trips for the summer. I really wanted to get a group together and go to Bend to do a few of the popular trails. Summer began and got very busy with all of the other trips and commitments. We never got around to planning the trip, and just said we would save it for another time. September came around, and Andrey casual suggested we do that Bend trip I wanted to do in the summer. He said we could go for two days, that way I wouldn’t have to take any days off work.

Karoling and Andrey's Engagement in Sparks Lark Oregon

I liked the idea but I didn’t think it would be possible, having started a new job. He gave me some time and then brought up the idea again. I agreed to it and started texting up my close friends to see who could make it. To my surprise, almost all of my friends were available for that weekend in September. He suggested that he would text up his close friends too, and see who could make it. He mentioned that it would be a good idea to get a decent-sized group to split the cost of the house. His friends all were able to make it that same weekend too, shocker, right? We got to Bend and started out on a sunset hike to Sparks Lake. It was a short hike, and once we reached it, my close friend, who was also a photographer, suggested that we go out and take pictures in front of the mountain. Once we got there, little did I know, Andrey would be dropping down on one knee to say “will you marry me?” I have to say, it was probably the best trip I’ve been on so far!

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