Karly and Drew

How We Met: Drew and I met my junior year of college. He worked with my best friend at our school and he had actually forgotten his name tag at work so I went along with Vic to drop it off for him. Since that moment we began our friendship and then through a series of events became best friends and began dating. Our time at Biola has been a dream and I can only imagine of the great adventures we will have from here on out. He has been such a sweet man that has earned my heart and I couldn’t imagine marrying anyone else!

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how they asked: Early that morning Drew had left a note on my bed with a list of things to get don’t for the morning. Once I finished getting ready we went on our way through Washington. He had notes set out for each location telling me why he loved me. On the fourth location we were at a winery taking a wine tour. I thought nothing of it until a lady showing us around pointed to an area on the members patio and told us that was our spot.

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In that moment when I saw the reserved sign I immediately knew that was the moment and started crying.

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The surprises did not end there, that night we had a surprise engagement party with his friends from Washington & the next night was a party with some of my friends at our favorite coffee shop after getting back from the airport… including my best Friend Vic who flew out from Arizona just for that night. I couldn’t have imagined a better proposal.

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