Karlie and Cole

How We Met

Cole and I met through our friends and family from church. We were both scheduled to sing together on a Sunday in May 2015 and had a rehearsal for the service the Wednesday before. I had no idea he was going to be there, so when I walked in and saw this handsome redhead, I was smitten. We were introduced, but he was only here in the city for a short while because he had to get back to school. He was a senior at Belmont University in Nashville when this all began. It was a short lived introduction that paved the way for an exciting few months to come!

There was a buzz in the air and it seemed like everywhere I turned, someone was telling me I should meet this Cole Grubbs guy.I was eager for him to be in town. His sister, Kristin, gets the prize because while she was talking to me about how awesome Cole was, she was in his ear about me. She also gave Cole my number. What a friend!! She had asked me permission before she did, so I had been anxiously waiting a text from an unknown number for what seemed like MONTHS! He finally text me and asked me out to coffee. I gladly said yes and took off of work to get coffee, see a movie, and get dinner with him. Apparently our date went well, because after that day, we spent the rest of the week hanging out and getting to know each other. When he went back to Nashville, we began our 10-month long distance journey together.

Within those 10 months, we spent dollars upon dollars on Southwest Airline tickets along with way too much time in terminals. We both counted down the days until we could see each other again. In the meantime, we relied on technology to help cultivate our relationship. We had many FaceTime dates where we would eat the same food for dinner, and sometimes even watch the same show on Netflix at the same time (harder than it sounds..)! Even though face-to-face communication is extremely valuable, and I wouldn’t wish long distance upon anyone, I am thankful for it.

Our relationship made it all the way to May 2016, when Cole would graduate from Belmont, move home from Nashville, and we would FINALLY be able to experience dating in the same city. We knew that this would be a true test of our relationship’s potential. We had time to get to know each other even more and at a more personal level, and serve together in ministry at church, which has always been my dream. After a year and 2 months of this, our love was stronger for one another. I was confident I wanted to be with this man for the rest of my life. Luckily, he wanted the same thing, and on July 9th 2017, he took me on the scavenger hunt of a lifetime.

how they asked

Cole told me that we would be going to dinner with his brother and sister-in-law, but 30 minutes before our dinner, we conveniently got a text saying that they would have to reschedule because their two kids were sick. I thought nothing of this and the night continued like any other night would. We ended up still going to dinner, but changed it up and went to our favorite Mexican spot instead. After we ate, he awkwardly got up and went to the bathroom. I remember thinking that we had kind of rushed the meal and he had already gotten the check. I wasn’t sure if we were going to do anything else, but I was a little annoyed that the night was coming to a close (or so it seemed).

I’m distracted by social media as i’m waiting for Cole to return. Instead of his voice, I hear my good friend Megan’s voice. I look up and see her and another good friend, Ty, with a camera. I am immediately overcome with emotions because I know that something big is about to happen..I mean..why else would this need to be documented?! Megan hands me a letter, and tells me to read it out loud. I mumble out the first couple of words, and then can’t make it through the rest. I hand her back the letter and she finishes. The letter was an introduction to what was going to go down within the next couple of hours. Cole had a whole, grand, extravagant scavenger hunt for me; each stop a meaningful place to our relationship and with special people to hand me another letter. It was the best day.

The last stop was our church’s chapel. I was led to the room by rose petals and once I entered, there were candles framing the aisle leading to the stage. Cole was on the stage and once I got there, he got down on one knee and proposed!! We got to celebrate with our friends and family afterwords and it was the most joyful time. I will never forget it.

My words fall so short in actually describing the beauty and incredible love of this event. Cole truly went above and beyond!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Ty Uhles
 | Videographer