Karlie and Bryson

Image 1 of Karlie and Bryson

How We Met

We met in high school. He sat right next to me during English and math and I had the biggest crush on him. One day I even asked for a pencil and when he was digging for one someone else gave me a pencil. I was so close. Regardless, we still fell for each other and the rest is history.

How They Asked

We were taking his college graduation photos and it was pouring rain. The photographer said we should take some by the pretty cypress trees so we rain in the rain and posed for a picture. As I went to walk off he said in his adorable accent “I have one more picture I would like to take” I turned around and said “what’s that?” And he got down on one knee and proposed. After the proposal on the ride home the most beautiful rainbow came up and we took it as a sign that our marriage will last forever.