Karli and Rick

How We Met

We actually went to high school together and each had a crush on each other… we were both too scared to do anything about it and 5 years later at a local bar the night before Thanksgiving we ran into each other. We had been liking and commenting on each other’s instagram posts for a while, and when he tried to pass by me without saying hi I SMACKED him in the arm!! “Can’t say hi?!” I said… he gave me a hug and we started catching up on life…. once the bar closed down he told my best friend (who was dying to get some food) that he had bagel bites and taquitos in the oven down the street at his friends, we just had to walk there! So we all walked and talked, and on this walk he told me “you’re gonna have my babies!” Little did I know…. this night was the beginning of the road to us getting engaged and I will in fact have his babies someday ?

how they asked

We went to a nice dinner to celebrate his new job at PG&E. We came home and it was the premier of Game Of Thrones, so we were going to do some things around the house and have our neighbors come over for a glass of wine before the show…. he went outside for a while and came in and asked if I wanted to water our garden… I said ok, and went outside… he asked me to go to the hit back yard for a glass of wine first… when I walked out back the entire garden was filled with candles. Rick sat me at the table and talked about our journey since high school, and had a sweet little speech. He pulled me up from my chair and got down on his knee and popped the question!! I started bawling like a baby, I’m pretty sure I blacked out!!!!

Karli's Proposal in In our garden

Special Thanks

Lauren B | 
Amazing assistance in helping my fiancé build the ring of my dreams!! Great customer service and reliable, honest opinions!!!