Karli and Carter

How We Met

Welcome to our love story…it’s a long one that took time and patience. In the end, God gave us each other at the exact time we needed.

It all started freshman year of college. We were both starting at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Carter was from Nashville and I have lived in Knoxville my whole life. I started a week early to participate in sorority recruitment and ended up being a Delta Zeta. This will come into play later. Carter was rushing a fraternity and was pledging Delta Tau Delta at the time.

On the first day of school, I entered English 101. I sat down and nervously looked around at all of my new classmates. Carter walked in and looked at me. He then sat right behind me, and he continued to sit there every day the entire semester. We would occasionally have to be partners or he would ask about homework, my sorority, social events, etc. It was an easy thing to talk about since we were both in the same circle. I noticed Carter always trying to talk to me and always looking. I thought he was the cutest thing I had ever seen! BUT, I was shy and did not make anything of it. He tells me to this day the first minute he saw me he knew he was going to marry me! I think it was love at first sight!

Later that first semester, tons of UT freshmen went to Gulf Shores, Alabama for spring break. My sorority and his fraternity all hung out together on the beach. That’s when Carter and I became better friends. We hung out almost every day on that trip, went to eat dinner, get ice cream, and spent time with our friends.

After that trip, we continued to stay friends until senior year. Carter was graduating early in December. He knew if he wanted to pursue me that he better hurry ;)! So, we went to a few date parties, Delta Zeta formal, and went on our first real date on December 6, 2019. We went to dinner in Market Square and to see Wreck-It Ralph 2. It was a fun date and Carter was so nervous he backed into a car! I KNEW he was embarrassed!

During this time, my dad was extremely sick and in the hospital. I was going back and forth from the hospital to class and trying to see Carter in between. For some reason, the only thing I felt like I had to rely on was God. I had spent the whole semester praying for my dad, worrying about his death, and growing closer with God in between. When my dad went to the hospital, I knew he was not coming home. I prayed to God every day for someone to lead me, keep me strong, be my friend and encourager, and help me through this time. Next thing I knew, I had Carter. I had never known someone with such a kind, gentle heart. When he asked me to be his girlfriend on Christmas Eve, he told me he did not want to add any worry to my life but to add happiness. I knew at that moment God had sent him to me at the right moment because my dad died a week later. Carter helped me through that time by coming to see me every other weekend from Nashville where he was working at the time. He got me out of my apartment to go on road trips, go to Gatlinburg, we went to the aquarium, played mini-golf, hung out with friends, got ice cream, and became even closer. Looking back, he helped me find so much happiness and joy in a time of grief.

One weekend he came to Knoxville for my last spring formal. He had been applying for other jobs. Conveniently, a Knoxville company called him and asked to come in for an interview that Monday. He stayed with me and called in sick to work. He got the job…THAT DAY! Everything seemed to fall into place perfectly for him. About a month later he moved to Knoxville. Since then we have fixed up a little home for the two of us, I graduated college, we have gone to Disney 4 times, traveled to the Bahamas, ate at many restaurants, went on a few road trips, visited Carter’s family in Nashville many times, and have spent an incredible amount of time together. We are truly best friends and our life has been so fun! I can not wait for a life full of happiness, love, laughter, and a lot of treats!

How They Asked

Carter and I planned a last-minute trip to Disney World in late December for the second week of January. We LOVE Disney and we were so excited to go! Little did I know, Carter had already bought my ring and was planning to propose!

We got on the plane, checked into our hotel, and then Carter told me he had made a reservation at a really nice restaurant. I didn’t think much of it because we had been to Disney so many times and love to try different things while we’re there. We got all dressed up and walked to the restaurant which is across the beach. As we were walking, he stopped me and ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!

He told me I was the most perfect girl for him, he would take care of me each and every day, and he couldn’t imagine life without me by his side. As I said YES!!!! all of our family popped out of the bushes behind us!!! I couldn’t believe they had traveled all the way from Tennessee to Florida and I had NO CLUE they were there! It was such a special moment for us and I’m glad our family got to be a part of our special day.

Special Thanks

Kiley Scheetz
 | Planning