Karley and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler & I met when we were only kids. I was 11 years old & he was 12. We were members at our local swim club right up the street from both of our houses. I had just moved to the area with my family & my father thought, what better way for my brother & I to make some new friends, than to join the local pool. Little did he know, I would meet my future husband there! I remember when I met Tyler, he was with a bunch of his friends playing Sharks & Minnows. (A fast-paced pool game.) I ended up joining in & by the end of the game, I knew I had the biggest crush on him. Tyler was 1 grade ahead of me so we didn’t end up going to school together until Junior High. When we crossed paths in school, my butterflies sparked right back up. I knew I had to find a way to work up the nerves to talk to him. When I finally did, my plan worked! We decided to go to the movies, for our first (little kid) date! Being so young though, nothing pursued & instead, we remained really good friends throughout the rest of school. Every time we hung out, we always talked about the butterflies we had around one another. We truly enjoyed each others company & couldn’t agree more that anytime we were around one another, there were always sparks. Always.

Fast Forward to the Winter of 2012. A group of friends & I decided to hit the town one evening. Tyler ended up meeting us all out for drinks too & I was so excited to see him! I hadn’t seen him since he got home from college in Indianapolis, so it had been a few years! Throughout the night, I could feel that spark between us. I could tell I still had that crush on him like I did in school. I wanted so badly to take our friendship to the next level, but our stars weren’t aligned quite yet, as he was in a relationship. Fast forward another year & a half to the Summer of 2014. The annual Greek Panegyri Festival was the last weekend in June & Finneytown (our Hometown) was getting ready to celebrate! If you were from Finneytown, you know that its like one big high school reunion every year at Greek Fest. Good thing too, because Tyler was there! We got to talking & I remember my friend Amy saying, & I quote “When are you two going to get together already?! Seriously, go on a date!” I know we both wanted to, however, this time around I was the one in a relationship.

Finally in August of 2014, our stars aligned! We were both available (single) & among a great group of friends. This time was different though. I felt that spark ignite again- except it was a full soul on fire feeling in my heart. We both knew that finally we could take our friendship to the next level & create an amazing relationship. And so we did!!

how they asked

The best day of my life was September 23, 2017. I woke up, got ready, & got us breakfast from Bruegger’s Bagels (so good) to get the day started off right. I was very excited for the day ahead. Tyler won 4 tickets (really good seats) to watch the Cincinnati Reds play ball at the Great American Ball Park. He said he had won them in the weekly work meeting! (This was not unusual, since a co-worker of his had won the same seats 1 year prior.) Tyler invited a couple we are close with, Sarah & Phil, to go with us! I had to work until 2 p.m. & the game started at 4:10 p.m. That gave me some time to run to Target, buy a new pair of shorts (along with a few more items, because whats a Target run if you don’t?!) & for Tyler to go to the gym.

When we reconvened back at home, we gathered a few things & hit the road! The tickets also came with a parking pass & that definitely made it feel a little more exclusive! We met Sarah & Phil in the front of the stadium & headed on in. The game was going great & around the bottom of the 3rd inning, Sarah & I went to get some bottled water. We went to the ‘Club Seat’s Concessions’ but the line was packed. So we decided to go up to the concessions near the main entrance. Little did I know that during this time, Tyler was working his magic. While we were gone, he ran up to meet his family (who I had no idea was there until later!!) to grab a “She Said Yes!” sign from his sister! He also grabbed the ring from Phil, which was in Sarah’s purse the whole time!! (I found out all of these little details afterward!) Once we got back, Phil asked Sarah if she’d go with him to get some food, so then off they went.

Tyler & I were sitting in the seats closest to the aisle. It was the middle of the 4th inning & one of those T-shirt cannon vehicles (if that’s what you call it?) started driving around, shooting out shirts. I’ve always wanted one of those T-shirts, but what came next, was so. much. better!!!!! Rosie Red, one of the mascots, came walking down the stairs, greeting & waving at fans. When I looked over at her, I noticed she had a sign in her hand except it wasn’t facing us, so I couldn’t read it. All of a sudden, she turned the sign around & it read, “Hey, Karley! Stand up!” It was as if the world stopped & my heart began to race!!!

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The next thing I knew, Tyler’s standing up next to Rosie Red! Once I stood up, he dropped down on one knee!!! I was immediately filled with joy & started crying! (Happy tears of course!) It was so loud because everyone was cheering & clapping for us!! Tyler asked the easiest question I’ve ever had the pleasure of answering. He said “Karley, will you marry me?” “YES!!!!!”, I said with the biggest smile from ear to ear! I was the happiest girl in the world! As we were hugging, I looked over only to see my Mom & Aunt Karyl taking photos of us! All I could think was ‘How did he do all of this?!’ Tears were just flowing from my face & I was shaking. I kept wanting to just give him hugs & kisses. He stood up with the biggest smile on his face and said “Baby, let me put your ring on!” I had almost forgot about the ring! I wanted to hold onto him forever in that moment & never let go. As he took my shaky hand, he put the ring on my finger. It is the most beautiful ring I have EVER seen! He told me that the center diamond was my Great-Grandmothers! It holds such a special place in my heart & it is absolutely my dream ring!

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After another big hug & kiss, I looked up at him & all of a sudden he had another sign that said “She Said Yes!” The crowd around us grew even louder, cheering for us & I was over the moon! We were both so excited & honestly, there are no words to completely describe how we were both feeling in those moments. Love was in the air! I gave Rosie Red a big hug & people everywhere, were congratulating us from left & right. Tyler told me to follow him up toward the main entrance, where our families & friends were!! I immediately started crying even harder. Again thinking, ‘How in the world did he do all of this?!?!’ It was so amazing, being able to share that moment with some of the ones that are closest to our hearts! We took all kinds of photos to remember our special day. Even other fans sitting by us took photos & sent them to us too! It was absolutely a Home Run Proposal, to say the least!

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Tyler wasn’t even finished yet! Once the game was over we met more friends (who were also at the game!) for some drinks before another surprise! He had taken me to the Raddison in Covington, Kentucky for our 1 year anniversary & again on this night. The food & view was so amazing!! When we were finished, I thought we were leaving but nope! He had a beautiful suite booked for us for the night! When we got into our room, we were greeted with a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries & another beautiful view! It was the most perfect night, to top off our perfect day, that I will never forget!

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After sharing our proposal on social media we ended up finding out that there were so many people that were at that game that saw us on the BIG SCREEN! Tyler reached out to the man that helped him set all of this up & he was able to send the clip over to him too!

We are so grateful for one another and absolutely believe we are meant to be together & that what we have is True Love. We hope to be able to inspire other couples & thank God everyday for bringing us together.

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