Karley and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I initially met freshman year of high school. He was pretty much my only friend in government class. We always said hi to each other when we saw each other around, but we really didn’t get close until Calculus senior year. We ended up sitting next to each other in class and eating lunch together, and we started dating January of our senior year!

How They Asked

When Nick asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I just said to get out of the house for a night. I knew we were going to go to some wineries then stay at an AirBNB, but I did not know where. We ended up going to two wineries in Baltimore County. When we got to our AirBNB, Nick surprised me with both of our families and Anne taking pictures. He got down on one knee, and I’m pretty sure my first words were “No way” and “Are you kidding me?!”, followed by a choked out “Yes!!!”. After the proposal, all our families spent the night at the AirBNB together. It was the better than anything I could have imagined.


Special Thanks