Karley and Brendan

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How We Met

In grade 9, both Brendan and myself were really into sports, specifically hockey. The arena in our home town has 3 ice rinks side by side and one day his game had ended right before mine began. Brendan was with his friend who, coincidentally was a friend of mine as well and he saw I was playing next. The two of them decided to stay and watch me play. After the game, we were introduced which instantly sparked a 14 year old school girl crush on him. Fast foward a year and we ended up at the same high school and began dating in December, 2008 at age 15. We have been inseparable ever since. 4 years of high school, 5 years of university and 3 different cities later, we are engaged!

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December 2008, 15 years old.

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June 2011, High School Graduation, 18 years old.

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June 2016, University Graduation, 23 years old.

how they asked

Our proposal story needs to have a back story to understand the full meaning of it. I grew up extremely close to my grandparents. They lived on a large farm about 20 minutes from my house and I spent much of my childhood with them on their property and all of my best memories are with them on that farm. Brendan came into my life 8 years ago and very quickly grew to adore them and their farm just as much as I did. About 5 years ago both of my grandparents past away, one after another, completely unexpectedly. My whole world was turned upside down and backwards and Brendan was there for me every step of the healing process. My Grandfather specifically, was and still is, my idol. He taught me so much about this crazy world, and I’ll be forever grateful for all the life lessons he has instilled in me. With their passing so quick and close together, we sold their estate within a year and I never ever felt I got the closure I needed. It was the house that built me and now it was gone from my life.

Fast forward a few more years and Brendan asked me for my help on a Christmas present for his mom. He told me he had found a really great antique table that he wanted to buy for his mom but it was “out in the country” and wanted to know if I would tag along. Being a lover of Christmas, the snow, and the country of course I was willing to come along for the ride. He drove through back roads I hadn’t ever been on before, and I chatted his ear off the whole way. Suddenly we popped out to a street I recognized to which I said “oh! I know this place!” And he slowed down and turned down onto their old street. I panicked, knowing exactly where we were when he told me he had organized a surprise for me for my Christmas present. He informed me that he had contacted the new owners of their farm and they said we could go in and walk the property. He still kept with the story that we were still going to pick up a table for his mom afterward.

I was filled with emotions, and immediately started crying and thanking him for being so unbelievably thoughtful. As we drove down the lane way, I was flooded with incredible memories and my heart was so full. Little did I know! We took a walk and I asked him if we could head down to the barn at the far end of the property, he happily agreed. We walked down and when we finally reached the barn, I turned to see the most beautiful setup of hay bails, candles, champagne and lanterns set up beautifully on a bright red plaid blanket. As if I wasn’t already filled with enough emotion already, I broke down in tears constantly repeating “What are you doing?!” and he took my hand and brought me over to his incredible setup.

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I would love to share exactly what he told me, but the truth is it all became a complete blur before he dropped down on one knee, used my full name, and asked me to marry him. I quickly shouted “of course!” and he pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever laid eyes on that he designed himself and had custom built just for me. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more thoughtful, incredible, or sentimental way to begin this new chapter of our lives together! My grandparents were very happily married for 52 years on that farm, and right where their story ended, ours officially began.

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