Karleigh and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I have quite a funny story, we’ve actually known each other since preschool. I was too young to attend, but got to tag along on my older brothers classes. He and my brother became such close friends that when we got our first family dog he suggested that we name him “Kyle”.

Growing up we went to separate schools. We always knew of each other but did not reconnected until my first year of high school at age 14. A few weeks later “when things got serious”, I then had to tell him my family dog since the age of 2 was named after him, and to my surprise he replied “Ya, I know!”. That was when I knew he a keeper!

We grew together, never holding each other back from big opportunities which is why I think we have such a special love. From childhood to adulthood we were always meant to be in each others lives.

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how they asked

Kyle and I have been together for over 9 years now, so he said that the only way he could surprise me was to disguise the proposal with my 24th birthday celebration. He had told me that a birthday dinner would take place with both of our parents and that the restaurant we would be eating at would be the little surprise.

So everything seems normal, and both sets of parents make it into town. He then suggests that we stop and show our family our favorite cliff to watch the sunset before dinner (we are absolute sunset buffs and you can also view Catalina Island from this cliff which is where we fell in love). I again, did not think much of this at the time because he mentioned bringing them there the weekend before.

We walked down and everyone seems to be enjoying the cliff and snapping photos of the view. Kyle then suggests that we take a photo and when I lay my hand on his chest to pose, I feel his heart racing. I look up at him and back to our family who are eagerly smiling while taking photos and videos, and in that moment I knew.

He smirked and said “You love me right?” I laughed and replied, then he dropped down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked “Karleigh Jade Perez, will you marry me?”. Everyone screamed with joy and and congratulated us on the special moment. His dad brought down a special bottle of Don Perignon he had been saving, and we had champagne on the cliff to celebrate the intimate moment.

Kyle then revealed that the dinner plans were actually a large private room reserved at my favorite restaurant, and that our family and friends were in town to celebrate the engagement with us!

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