Karleen and Paxton

How We Met: Paxton & I met in high school. We had hung out a couple of times, but never really became friends. Paxton went on a two year LDS mission and afterwards we went on our first date and basically that’s where our story began. We dated on and off for 10 months, and realized very quickly that we were madly in love and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.


how they asked: How it happened: Paxton and his family were planning a trip to Hawaii and I was dreading it. I hated anytime spent away from him. Then, he surprised me and said that I was coming along! I was thrilled! Everyone kept telling me that he would propose, but I thought otherwise. I thought it would be a while before any of that happened…but I was SO SO wrong. I told him that I had wanted to watch a Hawaiian sunset before we leave, and as always he made my dreams come true.

Paxton asked me to go watch the sunset with him on a bench that overlooked the ocean. As we were admiring the beauty Hawaii brings, we were talking about how happy we are together. Then Paxton said “can I ask you a question?”. He was so nervous that he asked me that silliest question, he said “uhhh you’re twenty right?”, I thought that was pretty weird because we had been dating and known each other for so long..you would think he would have known how old I was.


As we were talking, I spotted his brother in law taking pictures, but Paxton told me he was taking pictures of the view. Then again, Paxton said “can I ask you another question? When do you want kids?” Then we got talking about kids and our future together. I guess that made him feel more confident because he finally got the nerves to say….

“Can I ask you another questions?” (By this time, mind you, I still had NO idea). And that questions was the most exciting one. He got down on one knee and his words were “Karleen Mayre will you marry me?”


“YES” then we hugged and kissed and all that good stuff!