Karlee and Taylor

How We Met

One random day weekend after getting back from a girls trip in Dallas, I came home to a random Facebook message. As soon as I saw it I called my sister into the room, I said “Marissa, this guy just messaged me… what should I do?” Before I say anything else, know that my rule for myself was to not let a guy get my number off of the internet. My sister walks in & says, “Karlee just reply for once, what if it can be a good thing?” So I obviously replied after going back & forth in my mind. We talked for about a week & a half before I met him. One day he asked me to come over and watch a movie and I hit him with a big hard No!! (Hint Hint ladies, be hard to get) a few days later, I got a text last minute asking to go to a baseball game. Literally 30 minutes before it started. I called my sister and she convinced me enough to just do it. I can honestly tell you, it was the best date I have ever been on. I don’t even think we watched the game, we talked, ate and laughed the entire time. He drove me home, a little disappointed because after the game there weren’t any fireworks…. so we got to my house and he walked me to the door, and he told me goodnight….. and he kissed me!!

how they asked

Prior to us being engaged, when we would have conversations about the subject, we agreed that we wanted a year being engaged. It just made sense with his schooling, planning, and budgeting. My birthday came and he said he had two surprises for me, one I knew was a nice dinner. The day of my birthday, Taylor took me to the top of the Devon tower to the cast, THE nicest dinner I’ve ever had. He worked the next day, and I knew when get got off work the following day, that was the day of my bigger surprise. He’s a firemen so I had a whole 24 hours by myself to try and figure out what this surprise was……. never figured it out. Now, I had my suspicions but he definitely threw me all off. Friday morning, the day of the surprise, we met for breakfast.

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He was acting normal which made me think even more that it was not happening today. So still, I really had no idea what the night was going to be about. eventually I had it in my head that we were probably going to go on a cute date and our friends would surprise me there. Finally, I get ready and Taylor blindfolds me…. the entire time in the car I have no idea where we are going. He pulls me out of the car and I can hear the grass of my feet and more….. when I hear it I think “omg I’m getting a puppy” so Taylor stands me in one spot and tell me I can look. I take my blindfold off to him on one knee & about 200 people around watching. Best. Day. Ever.

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