Karlee and Colby

How We Met

Colby and I met senior year of high school – I went to public school and he went to a private school. Two of my best girlfriends that I played years of club volleyball with went to his school, so between social media and attending sporting events I met many of their school friends, Colby not being one them though. It wasn’t until I connected the dots that the ‘cute boy at the grocery store who drove the same car as me’ was Colby, and he just so happened to work with my big brother. It is funny that even through our mutual connections, we ended up meeting each other all on our own. There was an instant attraction and bond that I wasn’t able to shake, and I could tell he felt the same.

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He told me he loved me 6 months into officially dating, and poor guy, I made him wait for another 6 months before I said it back. His soul was and still is too good to be true and eventually, I realized I wouldn’t be able to breathe without his friendship. We went on to graduate from college together (go Ducks!) and then decided to move to LA a month later. We’ve grown together, made questionable decisions together and experienced many life lessons together – he is my person and best friend.

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how they asked

For background, Colby and I absolutely love catching a sunrise and chasing a sunset. We’ve always found both to be refreshing and serene, so each weekend no matter where we are we try to commit to one or the other, or both.

Labor Day weekend was coming up, and most Saturday’s Colby has to work so when he found out he had the entire holiday weekend off, we quickly booked an Airbnb in Palm Springs. We were both excited because it was our first Airbnb (don’t ask us why we don’t have an answer) and because it sadly has become rare for us to have full weekends off together. However, Colby seemed to be more excited than I was feeling about our weekend getaway. Don’t get me wrong, I was into the idea of a long weekend relaxing by a pool and forgetting about the chaos of LA, but he was just out-doing my level of eagerness. He had mentioned watching the sunset on Saturday the 1st maybe two times too many to where I was poking fun and candidly telling my friends and coworkers that he was particularly adamant about this first night in Palm Springs. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for us to do and talk about doing though, so I chalked it up to nothing. Saturday rolled around and we got up early to do a few errands before making the drive out to the desert.

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We reached our Airbnb around 2 pm and from there we grabbed a quick lunch and decided to sit in the pool for a few hours. Colby asked if I was still interested in watching the sunset, and of course, I would never say no, so we dried off and left. He had mentioned a particular park, with rocks similar to Joshua Tree, that wasn’t too far from where we were staying, but of course when we got to the entrance the gate was down with a sign that read “closed”. I insisted that it was okay if we missed the sunset that night since we still had an entire day and night ahead of us, but he cooly insisted on trying to catch it still. We quickly tried to think of other high points in Palm Springs that would allow us to see the sunset, but by this point, the mountains were already blocking the sun, so I mentioned the windmills.

From what I remembered, the windmills were out in the middle of the flat land and somewhat close to the road. At that point, we were both anxious since we were up against time so we went for it. It took us not even 15 minutes to find a pull-out right in the middle of a bunch of windmills (easier to get to than we expected). We backed our Jeep into an open space and sat in the back for a few minutes before we decided to go out and take a few pictures of each other and the orange glowing scene. The wind was insane, my hair whipping every which way and tangling around my face, Colby’s shirt dancing around and clapping against his body, but it made our pictures more fun to capture. After playing around with shots of each other and pointing at the sun getting closer and closer to disappearing, Colby decided to find a big rock and some smaller rocks to sit his phone on for a timed picture of us together.

We tried a few times – hugging, piggy-back-ride, kissing – meanwhile I’m thinking these are all just timed pictures. On what would have most likely been the last take (we went for the piggy-back-ride pose), he let me down but instead of grabbing his phone to check how it turned out, he held me and kissed me and looked pretty damn intensely into my eyes. I thought he was just in the beautiful moment of the orange and pink-hued sky and the wind from the windmills, but he made a comment about his “knees shaking” and “not knowing how to do this” that I then realized he wasn’t just taking a timed picture but was taking a video. Combining that with his teary eyes it clicked what he was trying to do, I lost it.

It’s true what they say about blacking out because the next thing I knew he was on one knee in the gravel flipping his baseball cap off his head and grabbing a ring out of the brim. Between my sobbing and telling him he was ridiculous and asking if he was serious, I managed to bend over and kiss him. He asked if that was a yes, which I thought was amazing because of course, that’s something I didn’t even think to say but wholeheartedly meant. He slid the ring on my finger and we laughed for the next 2 hours as we stayed in the gravel pull-out until it was nearly dark outside. After 8 years of dating, we knew this was the next step and we never questioned each other or marriage, yet I cannot stop saying how crazy and wild and unbelievable it feels to be engaged to my best friend. Good looking out God, you knew I needed him. And although we aren’t married yet, we all know I married this guy long before he put a ring on it.