Karla and Nathan


How we met: Nathan and I knew of each other in high school for years, had a crush on each other at some points, but we didn’t officially meet until we were 16 years old at a mutual friends birthday. We hit it off straight away, boogied together on the dance-floor and then shared a sneaky kiss (or ten) at the end of the night. He asked me to be his girlfriend a week later and since then we’ve been together for seven years. We’ve had many highs and lows, but we’ve grown up together and we have constantly supported each other the whole time. Looking back now we are so grateful for everything we’ve been through and the love we have for each other just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

how they asked: Nathan started our Paris adventures on a high. He bought me first class train tickets from Amsterdam to Paris and put us up in front-row view apartment of the Eiffel Tower. It would appear I would’ve suspected something but I really didn’t think Nathan was to propose in Paris as it was too obvious (he got me good). On top of this having a picnic at the Eiffel Tower was always on my bucket list. So when Nathan and I went shopping for cheese and wine that day, bought ourselves a picnic blanket and walked down from our room to our picnic spot everything just felt perfectly normal. We sat down, sipped red wine and listened to live music, then watched the lights go on the tower at 8pm. Not long after that a French woman came up to us and she gave me a rose then walked off. I thought it was just a nice gesture but it was actually the signal for Nathan to get ready for the proposal. He got me to stand up and told me that he has loved me since the day he first layed eyes on me and he had a nervous sound in his voice. By then my heart was pounding a hundred miles an hour. He told me to turn around, and next to the Eiffel Tower was a fairy light banner that he had made himself saying ‘Will you Marry Me’. I turned around and he was on one knee with the most incredible rose-quartz ring I have ever seen (he designed it and got it made). I cried tears of absolute joy and said YES, the crowd was cheering and clapping and the atmosphere was so beautiful. It turns out that Nathan had organised the whole proposal with his French cousin Charley who he’d never met before. The whole set-up was organised through Facebook messenger from the get-go including the time, location and a screen shot of the map where we were sitting.  Charley rounded up friends to get involved and help, filmed the whole proposal and then after all the excitement we got to meet her for the first time and celebrated the night away. I still look at the proposal video over and over again in shock. I cannot believe I got engaged to my soulmate in the city of love!

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