Karla and Héctor

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How We Met

He was my best friend in high school. He used to park my car when I got to the school because that is not my talent. He still parks my car when I’ve tried for too long without success.

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Stepping out of the friendzone is possible folks! Here we are, after six years into friendship, 3 years as a couple and, so many more in our “forever” to come.

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How They Asked

It all started with lies: he convinced my cousin to “invite us” on a weekend trip. We woke up so early that morning and got on our road trip. Once we arrived where we were supposed to meet my cousin, she wasn’t there. He had me cover my eyes and took me to the beautiful romantic Sierra Lago spa hotel. So we neither went to where we were supposed to nor with whom we were supposed to. The two best lines I’ve ever believed.

He organized a “scavenger hunt” for which he gave me clues written on origami paper hearts. On one side of the heart, there was a reason for which he loved me, and when I opened them, they were beautiful hand-written letters with clues for our next activity. He had been preparing this for 2 years since he had given me hearts like this for a long time in our relationship (and now I own the best origami collection ever <3).

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We went horseback riding among the mountains, we rode bikes and walked by the lake. He took me to a cabin and had me get ready for a romantic dinner at the restaurant (lie). My sister had given him a bag with dresses so I had cute things to wear (luckily because I hadn’t packed anything for the occasion). Then, he took me on a ride on a chariot pulled by a white horse. I felt like Cinderella and he was the best Prince Charming.

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We took a pedaling boat and got to a little island in the middle of the lake, where he pulled out a picnic basket. He got down on one knee and read the last paper heart letter. He said that there, in front of my grandparents (who passed away of covid two months earlier) and his grandparents looking down on us from heaven, he wanted to declare that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He said that in that last-first paper heart, he was giving me his. “Would you marry me?”Covered in tears I managed to hug him and -despite what I always thought would be my reaction: a loud jumping scream- I whispered “yes”, barely managing to stay standing.

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Lucky us, we’ve got it all on video, since he had people record the whole day for us to always remember.

Even luckier, we’ve got each other.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Carlos Badel
 | Videographer
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Mariana Evelyn
 | Planning
Todo el equipo de amigos de ambos que apoyó en todo esto: los amo siempre, bye.
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