Karla and Gabriel

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How We Met

Gabriel and I met on the first day of orientation at the University of Central Florida. We took a few classes together and developed a friendship but he wanted more. He made it clear that he wanted to build an empire with me. It took a lot of perseverance but eventually I bought into his plan. We began dating right before I graduated. I was moving to Miami for a job so we did long distance for 9 months while he graduated the following semester and got ready to move his life to Miami. We are both leaders at a top hotel company and we have plenty of stories waiting for each other every day.

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how they asked

In our industry, vacations are rare so we love to make the most of them! Gabriel planned a vacation for us in California. We had a daily itinerary and we accomplished almost everything we hoped to. I was really looking forward to visiting Disneyland for the first time. I have worked at Walt Disney World for 4 years and couldn’t wait to see the original park. During the firework show Gabriel asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Then, he got down on one knee and said “will you marry me”? Yes!! I replied with tear bursting down my eyes. Easiest question ever. It was our moment. No pictures of it, no video.

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Special Thanks

Joe Ott
 | Photographer