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How We Met

Dj and I go way back and have A LOT of history. Almost 12 years of history to be exact. We met when we were about twelve years old, he played soccer with my cousins growing up so i always saw him at their games. We became really good friends and i remember bonding over the fact that our birthdays were a day apart! My birthday is February 27th and his is the 28th! We thought it was so cool. In 9th grade i remember he told me he not only liked me, but one night we were at a Stake Youth dance and i was standing at the top of the stairs outside of a church building and he told me he loved me. I remember smiling really big and just kissing him, we ended up breaking up who knows why because we were just in jr. high! But throughout high school we still were good friends and would kiss every once in a while. It wasn’t till after my senior year of high school that i realized i really like him. He ended up moving away and life went on. Two years later we started talking again through Snapchat and he had mentioned he was coming back to UT for Christmas break to visit. We wanted to see each other and made plans. He came over on Christmas Day and we hung out at my apartment and we ordered pizza and watched a movie. While we were talking and catching up on life he grabbed my face in the middle of my sentence and kissed me. I knew right then that i loved him. He ended up telling me he loved me the next day, and this time i told him i loved him back. ;) We’ve been together for almost three years now and have been inseparable since. Who knew the first boy to ever tell me he loved me would be the person i end up marrying.

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how they asked

Djs cousin was getting married December 9th and it was a small destination wedding in Oregon. Two days before the trip Dj had asked me what my ring size was and what my Pinterest account was, i was like okay well he definitely doesn’t have a ring and it’s not happening in there. They day we left on trip he said he needed to talk to my dad and i had an idea but my parents covered it up pretty good. The whole trip was so much fun and i didn’t think he was acting strange or anything out of the ordinary. The day of the wedding he took a walk outside and i didn’t think much of it, but now i clearly know why. (He said he was trying to calm himself down because he was so nervous!) His cousin Sydney’s wedding was beautiful, it was outside and super cold but so pretty. After the ceremony she was like “where’s Karla?!” She looked at me and said “these are coming for you!” And tossed her bouquet right at me and surprisingly i caught it! I say surprisingly because I’m not the most coordinated person!

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Everyone besides the wedding party started to walk back in the house because it was freezing! As we are about to walk in Dj looks at me and says “stay right there i have to go get something” i was seriously so cold i walked in right behind him. He came and found me and said he really wanted to take a picture with his cousin, and i really didn’t want to because i was so cold. But one of his aunts said they were taking a huge family picture so we all needed to go back outside. I should’ve caught on then because he hates taking pictures! While Sydney was taking pictures with her bridesmaids Djs sister asked me where my polaroid camera was. I found it odd because I didn’t need it, but she ran back into the house and got it. We then took a picture with his cousin and her groom, and as I started walking away he pushed me in front of him. I then turned around and I remember saying “what are you doing?!”as he was getting down on one knee. My eyes started to tear up and so did his, and I kept saying “are you serious right now?!”

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I couldn’t Believe it was finally happening! He said “Karla Hernandez I love you so much, will you marry me?” And i said yes in a heartbeat!! I get teary eyed just talking about it. It made it that much more special his family was all there and in on it. His sister caught the cutest Polaroid pictures, the photographer did too! And another one of his cousins caught a drone video and his mom.

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Caught a Video on my phone! So we have endless pictures and videos we get to look back on. It was the best day of my life i could relive it over and over again but I can’t wait to start our lives together in August!

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